Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to our site!

Well here you have it. Our latest and greatest site for our entire family to visit, and keep updated on what is going on with our family, and even come and post information on upcoming events, and family related news. Please be patient as we work on getting everything set up.

We will have photos and other stuff for you to look at soon.


Hollinger Family said...

Thank~you Honey ;-)

Chanelle said...

I'm constantly amazed at all you guys find time to do. :-) Who knew Fred would become so technilogically saavy? :-) At least this way we can see what's happenin when we can't find you on the phone. :-) Love you all! -Chanelle

Kim said...

Thank you for the update. Passed it on to Jim & Bonnie, Jimmy & Sheila, Nick & Danielle, Shirley and Mike & Judy. Just got my first peek at Bryson. Beautiful! You guys do good work! Love you all! Kim

Kim said...
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Hollinger Family said...

Ah, yes, others have the same phone complaint, lol, now they will know it is not just them (or you). Fred? saavy? yeah, he continues to impress me ;^)
Love you sister!

How lovely to see you here! Thanks for sharing!
*blush* yes, we NEED to make a trip up to visit folks...soon, I hope.

lovingly, Sheri