Sunday, June 27, 2010

SCHOOL YEAR 1010-11 will begin in 5 weeks. =)

Summer is a season in which I begin to plan our year. I have tried many styles & curriculum over the years. You can read more HERE if interested. This year we will begin a new journey.


It is so simple, yet so effective (I am told ;^), that it is almost hard to explain. The concept is so basic. I consider it the very foundation that "education" was intended to be.

What it is:

A complete set of DVD's that contain a seemingly endless supply of books! Lots of them! It begins with Level 1 thru Level 12. They are not to be considered as grade levels as to not hold back (or push) a child, but to let the student progress naturally to self educating.

"From Phonics to Physics, these 22 CD's and a set of Saxon Math Books is all that you need to give your children a superior education."

Who it is:

A couple who both happened to be scientists, aware of the flaws of our public school system, began to seek out how to best educate their own children as to give them more than a fighting chance.

How it is:

The Basic Rules and Procedures are :

1) no sugar
2) no TV
3) 2 hours of math
4) 2 hours of reading

5) 1 hour of writing

Yes, apparently that simple! Ofcourse, this is what Dr. Robinson can claim as success, cuz this is what has effectively worked for all his children!

The cost:

$195 for all 22 CD's.
$275 includes 22 CD's plus G. A. Henty CD's .
We purchased the latter. =)

As for us:

I purchased this curriculum at the first of the year, and have been slowing setting the kids up for this self-taught style. We have reduced our sugar intake, and are limiting TV as we see fit.
I have created a schedule that I think will serve our family best, along w/ a scope & sequence of the curriculum. The "RC way" is exactly as described in steps 1-5 listed above. I, however, live in a state that demands 11 specific topics are to be taught in order to "home educate". My need to adjust the books into subjects and years gives me peace of mind over our government.

Up to this point:

I did purchase a new printer. I did have a fear of "printing" books, binding books, etc... I am not very gifted at this sort of thing. I love it! It is so amazingly easy. The books are of such old-fashioned character and of amazing quality of content. Where good ole Family Values are encouraged.

My next post will contain our intended schedule, and why, along with the scope & sequence with tidbits of details. I had several folks ask about this, so please feel free to ask questions here or to e-mail me at

Friday, June 25, 2010

...The Move


The Keep On Keeping On...

It has been a year since we have moved from our small hometown in nowhere Oregon. I think I have been in denial about the move. Indeed hoping for temporary at best. God has moved us forward for a new season; He has His reasons.

I was actually excited about moving at first, until one realizes what is being left behind... security, community, familiarity, routines, and ofcourse, friends. Admittedly, the kids have adjusted better than I have.

Moving forward...

I adore being home with my kids.
I enjoy homeschooling.
I love family.

About me:

I am an happy-go-lucky-love-the-mornings-glass-half-full type of gal , and I am ready to get out and face the world. As a child I went to 18 schools before graduating; we moved houses more times than that. Making friends was easy, keeping them was not. I am a people person who never fit into any stereo type. Christ has always been my Savior, especially during many childhood traumas. Caring about others comes easy; letting others care about me is not so easy. I tend to over commit and try to over achieve; only in recent years have I learned to slow down and enjoy the small, simple moments that whisper by almost without notice.

My challenge:

~In a small community it is very easy to get connected to other folks. Your church, school (home & public), sports, outings & activities all tend to blend around the same people.

~Now that we are in the city, how does one approach creating a connection with other people? A place where neighbors don't take time to get to know you, where the church you choose to attend is many miles away, where schools are many, parks are a dime a dozen on any corner, homeschooling is not common, and having many children of a wide variety of ages makes you not fit into any social mold?

Live in a big city? A busy community? What do you do to get connected to others, or do you?


It has been wonderful to live with my parents. To share my children with my mom is beautiful. She was a very hard working single mom who did not have the opportunity to be home with me much when I was a little girl; she did not love me any less than I absolutely love my kids. In this new season, My Mom gets to enjoy alongside of me the journey of hands-on, Christ-led, guided nurturing that I find to be an amazing blessing! God is good, all of the time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Having fun with the our 'oldest' son...

Joe is soon headed back down to our hometown.
The job is shuffling around, Joe is needed down south;
but we are here to stay, up in our new area of the woods.

*pictured: Yes, he really is sleeping, but my husband has a sense of humor when he sees fit to. ;^)

Summer is still NOT here... one warm day, lots of rain, and some snow/sleet/hail stuff. Yeah, so we just keep waiting for those popsicle-dripping, sprinkler-jumping, game-playing days of real summer!

Good news of the week:
I am so thrilled. Our Andrew willingly began his school work this week! I cannot call it "school" or "school work", it agitates him. So, we just do his 'lesson'. =) Andrew works on his own schedule, by his own mood, at his own will... I am slowly trying to guide that into a consistant structure before our real school year begins in Aug. I am observing the rhythm of his days; his current lessons are during Bryson's nap. I have discovered that he does listen in on our nightly read alouds too.

This week:
The boys (Nick & TJ) have had the opportunity to spend a few days doing yard labor for some kind folks down the way. Good ole manual labor is such a good thing for boys. I believe it builds character, strength, integrity, and determination. I find it amusing that Joe, being our oldest, is already pulling the "when I was your age..." to his siblings. Imagine the stories he will have by the time the littlest gets to working. =)

Week-end plans:
Nick has a college-showcase Soccer Tournament in Oregon this week-end. His dad and brother will be going. I will not ...
Katie-girl is having her 1st dance recital this week end also!! I hope to post pictures soon!

Future plans:
I also have been going over our school plans for next year. We are going with a new curriculum, and I am very excited to begin. I am currently working on a scope & sequence that I will share later (for those who homeschool too).

Until next time, be blessed my friends....

Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do; do it all for the glory of God
1 Corinthians 10:31

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ok, today, is actually sunny, but the last few weeks have been exactly like these pics!

Our summer break officially begins on Jun 01.
With all this rain, my kids are getting restless!!

With school out, am I suppose to get a break too?..

Hmmm... must find something for the kids to do...

must create a routine to base our days off of...

MUST have FUN!

well, I am working on a flexible summer schedule. If I don't, my kids would stare at a TV all day.

Ummm, have you seen what's on TV nowadays, really seen?

and even if we DID find something of value,
have you seen the commercials? really?

cheap entertainment, maybe;
but NO thank-you.

Ofcourse there is always exceptions ;^)

but then again, commercials, ugh!
(I won't even mention the ones that really disturb me, blech!)


Up n at 'em
- our morning routine
Fitness Fun- gym or nature walk
Yard Work- 30 min.
Backyard Basics*- ball, sandbox, chalk, tag, etc..
*(This is where Mom can get inside chores done)
Power Hour - French practice/ nature journal/ silent read
'nap' for Bryson, quiet time for Andrew
= GAME time for the rest. no, not video ;^)
the good ole board games, uno, dominoes, cards, etc...
FREE time by 3 p.m.

Schedule is subject to change due to-
such things as field trips, dental appointments, park days.

Geocaching and Letterboxing will be a point of interest...
when the weather cooperates. ;^)

Thursday, June 3, 2010 Miss Cashier at the local market figures out I have 6 children...


*grin* "uh, no, we homeschool, so I have them home all year! How lucky is that?"

"I don't know how you do it!"

"it's easy, we happen to like each other".

am I strange for liking my kids?
For enjoying their presence?
For wanting to raise them, guide them, nurture them, educate them the way I feel is best?

My husband & I are getting away for an overnighter this week-end. Notice that I didn't say 'a much needed get-away'. We could list on one hand the times we have been away from our kids in the past 20 years. Admittedly, it is nice to get sleep for one night, but we don't desire to vacation away from our kids. Why do we have 6 kids? Because we haven't chosen to have 7. That said, we are very well aware how fast these years will go by, and family time is very precious to us.

The rest of our summer activities will be family focused because we are who we are because of our family.

A new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another:
just as I have loved you;
you also are to love one another.
By this, all people will know that you are my disciples,
if you have love for one another. John 13:34 & 35

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yay! On our 4th attempt...

and Daddy's green thumb....

and letting Bryson be included in the dirt mixing...
I am relieved to say our GARDEN is finally on it's way....


~the title to our new Bible study.

To teach boys to be young men;
and to prepare young men to be a Godly man.

Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants
Psalm 144:12

Our garden of life contains 6 amazing plants!

Each one came in it's own season, and brings forth a variety of spice to our lives.

As we continue to be faithful in~

cultivating character,
nurturing enthusiasm & initiative,
to prune trangressions,
transplant knowledge,
& support independence....

we are eager to enjoy the harvest....

of passing God's love onto the next generation

(and of course, enjoy grandkids someday ;^)

*as for our one & only girl whom adds the beauty to our garden;
she is far more precious than jewels.