Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghost Hunter?

Andrew loves the dark! One of his favorite things to do is turn off light switches at inconvenient times. Last night was one of those times; I was upstairs, in my room, getting Bryson ready for bed...

The doors shut, lights go off, the pitter-patter of one small set of feet shifts across the room. One single tiny dim flashlight clicks on as the face before me glows, "sshhh, dere's a monster". Then the light fades to under the bed, with a whispered "monster??". Next is the closet search, a faint "sshhh" is heard amongst the dark air. Light tip-toes are heard as he inspects around the crib area, the walk-in closet, and the dreaded dark bathroom! Up pops his glowing face again, "mom!" he whispers, "where's da monster?" With as much seriousness that I could muster, "I don't know Andrew, how bout you check behind that door?" With anticipations he replies, "tay", and bravely heads for the main door with a final "shhh, dere's a mons..." ~~~"AAHHH! IT'S A DHOST!" and bolts to hide under my covers! What does he discover, but only a brother! Go figure!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Season of Sentiment

I use to overlook this time of year. I always looked at it as cool, wet, and dreary. Fall was the season that came only to prove that summer was over, a season of change. I always dreaded change as a child as I never knew what was around the corner. Then as I was a young adult, I looked forward to change as an escape from whatever crisis was in the moment. Both ways tend to overlook life; one looks back at what should have been, the other looks forward to what should be. What about the beauty of the moment? To be still, to slowly exhale, to 'just be' for a moment. With chaos comes missed memories, this is especially true for me while being 'mom' to many. Housework, school, sports, bills, and errands do not get done themselves, yet at the end of the day what treasures have I encountered?... A "thanks mom", a precious giggle, thoughtful insights that need to be explored, light-hearted laughter, random acts of kindness (that can easily be overlooked), a snuggle and a hug just because, and a twinklin' eye from the love of my life!
Just as God's art is displayed in Autumn, His heart is displayed in our lives. What miraculous array of colors can you discover?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Toothless Grin!

Katie girl lost her top four teeth in the last couple of weeks! The tooth fairy's visits make her grin all the more!
Keep smiling girl,
you are beautiful!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Baby Bryson

Truth be known, I am actually just trying to figure out this
blog/picture thing... but what better way than with Baby Bryson!

He is our newest guy, and he is absolutely precious!
His happy-go-lucky personality is infectious already...
~photo was from today at T.J.'s soccer game. It was a bit chilly yet sunny, and we were all happy to see T.J. make a goal!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Joe ~ We are so proud of you!

You did not rush to move out (thanks for breaking me in easy). It was a wonderful gift to still have you home when Baby Bryson was is priceless! Some folks were worried (more like observant) on how your mom would handle your new independance. Although childhood seemed to have gone so fast, it is exciting to watch your 'new beginnings'... you are ready, you are strong, you are wise (for your age ;^), and remember that you will always be able to define who you are through Jesus Christ.

*minutes old~
the first time I saw your amazing blue eyes (this mom can be bias)
*2-7 yrs~
Mr. Dress up ~
could dress up and act like any Action Hero he ever saw!
*4-16 yrs~
The Brick Wall ~ awesome soccer sweeper!
*5 yrs~
learning to spit with dad over the bridge (we will just leave it at that)
*10 yrs~
going on a "4th of July" walk w/ Aunt Chanelle...thickets, nettles, ouch
*12 yrs~
you staying calm when your bed was catching on fire
*13-19 yrs~
going to concerts with you...we rock, lol.

Things I wont miss:
*your laundry :^P
*HWY 30 worries

Things I will miss:
*Our late night talks
*You playing the guitar.
*HI JOE! from Andrew

~~You will always be our Joey~~