Friday, July 23, 2010

What IS Weird?

Please note: comments made here are how we approach ideas in our lives. My comments are not intended to point fingers, nor judge;
This is just how WE approach things.

I find it interesting when I hear the statement,
"I don't want my kids to be seen as weird."
From personal experience, I hear this from Christian parents.
So, what is WEIRD?

definition: odd, strange, unusual, not sensible

What IS the worry? That we do not want our children to stand out amongst their peers? To be seen differently? Especially in todays world, why is that such a bad thing??

Are we weird?
We have a dress code.
Boys~ no baggy pants, no side-wearing ball cap, no piercings.
Girls~ no middriffs exposed, short/skirts/dresses are to be no shorter than the tip of your fingers when you arm hangs down. Ear piercing only.
Clean is encouraged, lol.
I find it strange to go to the little girls/young lady section at the department store only to find~sexy~encouraged.

Am I weird?
I choose not to drink (alcohol, that is).
My dad was a drug addict, my sister's dad was an alcoholic;
all of it was ugly.
I, as a child, did not have a voice to how I felt.
I, as an adult, can politely decline.
I now have a choice.
I find it odd that my choice makes others feel awkward,
yet I am not judging them.

Is it weird to realize TV/movie/game ratings are there for a reason?
M for mature; I find that to be an oxymoron!
How 'mature' are we really being to want to watch sex/nudity, violence for entertainment, or listen to swearing & trash talk?
And shouldn't we, as adults, be the role model of what is morally acceptable for our eyes, ears, and mouth?
In California, I had the opportunity to show my kids how to step outside the 'normal' box. While eating pizza with the teammates from the soccer team, they were planning to go see a movie. One kid asked if I wanted to go with them. (I am the cool mom after all ;^) It was rated-R, so I declined. "Why?"...I don't do rated-R..."Wha?" w/ puzzlement, "why?"....cuz there ain't nuttin' in rated-R that couldn't have been made a PG. The kid whips out his phone to confirm the movie rating, which ended up being PG-13.
This teen did not find my choice weird, but adults will find it unusual.

As a family, are we weird because we:
1) have more than the statistical 2.5 kids?
2) want to raise our own kids?
3) live in a multi-generational home?
4) play together/pray together?

Are our kids weird because they:
1) get along?
2) are well behaved?
3) choose to be homeschooled?
4) wait to date?

Why is it a seemingly a bad thing to be considered unusual,
when our choices seem so sensible to me?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

lots of pictures ;^)



A College Showcase Tournament in Davis, Ca. on Nick's 17th birthday. How cool is it to be able to play soccer on your birthday in triple-digit temperatures! 103 was the average.

Those who injure their back in their last play of the game gets to relax back at the hotel in the pool.

As the rest of the guys show off their trick skills...

...yet, we still have to let the coach show them how it is really done.

Ha, Coach Jake does not look as refreshed here at the In and Out Burger...


Ice tea....

good times
with team-mates.

After the games were done, we were able to take a day to explore Old Sacramento...

Joe did not offer us free crab....

~but we did enjoy the opportunity to hang out with our goalkeeper's Grandpa. we swung by a Car Museum...

...where we all found a common interest beyond soccer. =)

All in all, Nick and I had a great time. I am thrilled that Aunt Chanelle and oldest brother Joe could come with us on the trip!

... we did have to kill about 3 hours of time waiting at the airport, where as Nick was getting bored...

....and I was getting worn out. =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010




...a college student.

The choice to homeschool is an amazing journey. In our home, the children do get to decide. They get the summer to ponder their choice, and once a decision is made, it is a year commitment.

Nick was pulled out of public school the second week into 4th grade, and he never looked back. Now entering his senior year, new choices are coming up quickly. College, Trade School, Military, on-the-job training to name a few. Trying to pin a "what do you wanna do when you grow up" on a young adult is amusing to me....trying to pin down college options for a Christian-conservative-athletic male is not such a laughing matter.

Add in deciding on which colleges to visit;

Encourage student to write college application essays,
introduction letters to the coach of interest of a specific sport,
and to prepare for admission tests, SAT, and ACT tests.

Research scholarship options,
know grant deadline for applications,
and plan college financing;

Start acquiring letters of recommendation for said colleges,
create an on-campus budget,
and complete a housing/mealplan applications when neccessary.

Now, these are the things I do know is part of the process...
Now I need to spend time on discovering the things I don't know!
Suggestions are welcomed! =)

In the meantime,
I refuse to be overwhelmed,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


is our summer time guest!!

Charlie belongs to a fun family in another state. We are going to spend our days showing Charlie some fun sites, sharing our interests, and spending time doing every day activities.
psssttt....Where's Charlie? Why playing with puzzles, of course.
~Thank-you BAILEYS!!!
He has had a very warm welcome (you must of sent the sun with him), and he has dove right into the flurry of activities around these parts. =) Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



FREE to eat,
FREE to play,
FREE to do many things,
most importantly, FREE to pray.

RED, WHITE, & BLUE cupcakes...

and a tasty steak...

Yep, these are the days....

Katie-girl being funny;
Grandpa being funnier...

SMOKE BOMBS- Um, yeah, not sure how healthy inhaling all that smoke really is, but the littles thought it was super cool.
are not my thing...
I was sent in the house...
they had fun with out me...
it was probably a good thing.

DAD was not probably the best example of safety...go figure.

Must be why
the boys
like the fireworks
so much....

So don't forget to thank those who serve our country or have served our country, & respectfully remember those whose lives were lost so that we may live with the freedoms we have.