Monday, May 24, 2010



School is officially out for the summer.

The kids took the year-end-make-the-state-happy tests last friday.

Our to-do list:

1) continue French lessons.
2) start weekly visits to the library.
3) grow a garden.
4) begin a "flat Stanley" project w/ a few families overseas.
(details later)
5) explore biology hand-on style.
6) get re-focused w/ daily devotions.
7) a handful of college showcase soccer tournaments.
8) weekend outings fishing w/ Dad.
9) to find a class, camp, or VBS to participate in.

How's your summer going to look?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We think our Bryson could give "Dennis the Menace" a run for his

He is one fast-paced,

Got dirt?

Why yes,

we do!

We are now on our 3rd attempt at seedlings for a garden project....

...due to this curious child!

We are always following an interesting trail....

only to

always discover....

...a touch of


~But who can resist those adorable eyes? *sigh*

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been challenged, er, encouraged, to study this chapter in the Bible. As I read through the entire chapter it seems so overwhelming. An example of the "perfect woman" clearly exposes flaws in me, some that I will cringe to admit. Luckily, Kathi is inviting us to face this one verse at a time....

A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

This whole chapter is about noble character. What exactly is being noble?

A thesaurus says: worthy, virtuous, honorable.

A dictionary says: high moral qualities.

For me: INTEGRITY comes to mind.
That is... to do what is right even when no one is looking.

I have ideas of what that needs to look like in my own home, and I will be sharing my thoughts on a weekly basis.

You are welcome to follow along my 'reality' journey.

If you would like to participate in this self-study,
please take the time to visit over at
Kathi's blog.
She is quite lovely. =)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The world
would label
our Andrew
as special needs...

I tag him as special

The disability in question...

Asperger's Syndrome.

At this point we do not have the desire to send him through specialist to have him officially labeled.

Andrew has always drummed to his own beat. The things that were cutesy as an infant & tot, now are the very things that define his different-ness.

As a baby, he loved fans...but 'tremor' at his own excitement. Grandpa pointed it out to us; we thought it was cute.
As a little boy, he regularly faces tics when overly stimulated. Crowds, loud noises, the 'unknown' of circumstances, fun excitement are a few of the triggers.

As a baby, he loved car rides ONLY if no one bothered him. No talking or singing or playing with him as we did for all the other children (who hated car rides). It was common to say "Don't look at him!" as he would be content to just sit and stare at his passing surroundings.
As a little boy, he does interact some while in the car, but for longer trips is truly content to just "be".

As a tot, he loved to act out scenarios from mini cartoon clips. He couldn't talk well, but he made all the sound effects for it... it was adorable.
As a little boy, he lives in the world of ONOMATOPOEIA, that is, he sounds out many things while he plays. The action is in his head, the sounds come out his mouth. Just picture an old Batman cartoon- BAM, OOF, POW is what you hear as he acts out the scenario, only we don't always know what movie, show, or book he is acting out.

As a tot, he loved shapes, numbers, and letters. He learned them very well by sight and sound at an early age.
As a little boy, he wasn't potty-trained til almost 4, finally figured out his colors by 5, and struggles with his writing skills.

He is about 2 years behind socially, yet in some of his academic interest he is ahead
He has minimal eye contact, but will talk your ear off. =)

I have read, research, reviewed, & revised many resources on Asperger's Syndrome.
We are equiped to guide, mentor, and nurture him as needed.
I am not naive to the challenges he will face as he gets older.

~We know Andrew is special,
and lucky for him,
he has many brothers that will be his keeper.
And a sister who holds a certain level of empathy towards him also.

~Love one another with brotherly affection, giving precedence and showing honor to one another. Romans 12:10

***pictured: a sweet lil gal and Andrew playing at the park. She was kind and gentle, and they played wonderful together. Kinda reminds me of Jenny in Forrest Gump ;^)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A birthday gift...

Tickets for four,

a dad

and three brothers,


could a 13 yr old ask for more? American game,

the Mariners' got slaughtered,

but TJ had fun just the same.

During warm-ups...

the players didn't have time
for a glance,

although Dad gave it a shot

for his son to have a chance,

the autograph he did get...was Moose the Mascot!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i ponder many things.

...end of the school year is near...

~testing time is among us.

This is the time of year I start questioning if 'we' have done enough. Don't get me wrong, we (yes, I learn along side them) have learned so much this year.

Many of it is in tangible things like life skills, social skills, survival skills, a bit of first-aid, endless varieties of nature study (a favorite), fitness training, and compassion aimed on a specific special needs (aspergers syndrome).

Our books studies include (but not limited to) Ancient Greek, Ancient Rome, & Biblical times of the same era, WWII, math, vocabulary, grammar review, and some French.

Specialty studies per students interest:
Nick- photography, sports, & driver's ed
TJ- cooking & weight-lifting
Katie- ballet, cursive, & typing

The side-effects lessons:
patience, time management, flexability in circumstances, simplicity of real needs, determination, a desire of righteous things, and embracing multi-aged hands-on activities.

Too bad testing nowadays is focused on knowing how to take a test.

Life is our classroom; our lessons are for a lifetime

**another rushed moment out the door;
facing our days, one moment at a time!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

T.homas J.acob~
is thirTEEN!

We had a great day at the Pacific Science Center with the whole family! Grandma Michelle, G'ma & G'pa, and Auntie Chanelle came too!

Dinosaurs, Butterfly Houses, Bee colonies, Tot Play Area, Insect Villages, Body Works (yes, it is confirmed, brother Joe & TJ are color-blind, but of course we already knew that), and ran in a giant water wheel in the Water Works area... lucky for us, with a group our size, it is cheaper to get a yearly we will be back to observe the remaining exhibits... quite often, I am sure! ;^)

TJ is our middle child,
he is an older brother,
he is a younger brother;

he is a....


~I look forward to these teenage years.
To see the transformation from child to man is a remarkable thing to experience...
let the blessings begin!