Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Personal Journey...

Weighing in the positive!

Active recess time,
nature hikes,
3 mile walks,
6 mile walks,
military workouts,
less junk food,
more water
0 (zero) pounds lost, and someone asking me if I am pregnant! (um, no, I am not... just round, thank-you)

Good thing I am a "half glass full" gal...

more energy,
clear mental focus,
mommy stamina,
and a good attitude!


Cassandra, James and Madison said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm going to have to start reading and catch up on you guys! Yeah. Love you

Heaven Scent Farms said...

Oh how frustrating! You are beautiful inside and out. I am glad you don't sound too discouraged. I would be making chocolate cake about now. What! It's healthy....just ask Bill Cosby. Go get 'em girl!

carol said...

Good luck with "the" diagnsois. I remember when we were going through it, it rocked and consumed my world. Now 20+ years later, Carter is living on his own, has a job. Granted he is still and always will be "different." He is who he is. I occassionally think "what it." That is not constructive. I admire your homeschooling, I am not smart enough to teach that many subjects. I could do Enlgish and Health....No science for me.

Robin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog:) I enjoyed reading about your family-- your attitude and joie de vivre is terrific!