Thursday, January 14, 2010


Picture: Myself & Chanelle

Chanelle: A super-fantastic aunt...whom takes the boys to soccer and hockey games, teaches us all French, enthusiastically joins us for family-read time, leader of Katie's campfire group, and puts up w/ sleepless nights along side me when Bryson feels the need to scream at 2 a.m.
She is also a fabulous friend, always positive, always encouraging, and always kicking my behind w/ endless miles of walking. (really, who walks 8 to 14 miles a day??). I could not ask for a better sister-in-law; I am blessed.

Note the word SEASON above...
Our days of living in a wee bit of a house together is sneaking up to an end. The house is going up on the market next week, thus I am actively looking for a place for our family to live. It is time...Chanelle is ready for her own place, own life, and an opportunity to finally settle back to the States on her own terms (fyi...was in Ireland many years). She is a beautiful free spirit, much like a butterfly who needs to flutter about, touching many lives as she enjoys life!
Fred & I are praying that God will open up housing opportunities to us; the right town, with a house that meets our needs, to prepare our hearts while seeking out a church for our family, and mostly to trust Him in His timing for answers to all of those things. At this point my dear m.i.l. will also be moving with us. To let go of what she knows in turn for relocating to a new area will be challenging for her, it may be full of change, but can also be full of blessings...just praying one moment at a time...

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