Tuesday, April 13, 2010

l.i.f.e. Academy~

Health & Fitness:

We joined a gym! The boys LOVE it!! We are also doing a daily 'health' log. They are keeping track of their workouts, water intake, servings of food groups, along w/ brushing their teeth and taking their vitamins. Devotions are listed, along w/ prayer requests. Health to us is a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.


woo hoo, we are up to reading lil mini stories in French. The pieces are slowly coming together...

Independent Studies:
We are down to basics right now... Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies.

Current Self-Taught Electives:
Nick is focusing on strengthening his vocabulary skills;
TJ is still into cooking;

Mikayla has dove into typing and learning cursive.

Bonus class:
Big brother Joe bought a new toy. A welding machine of sorts (sorry boys, mom doesn't know the formal name??) and Nick & TJ love it! I think they are having just a bit too much fun, but what do mom's know?

Our Nature Studies have slowed down. We study, in depth, one season per year. This school year it was winter. It was a fascinating observation. We do want to attempt a garden at some point, but don't know if this is the right timing to begin one.

Crash course with nature??

Our youngest ALWAYS keeps me on my toes.

Our simple nature walks seem to bring on a variety of boo-boo's for this guy.

Of course, He thinks he can doctor himself up...

I would just prefer for Daddy to carry him ALL the time!!!!

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Heaven Scent Farms said...

Awesome! Two cool dudes. The future's so bright....ya gotta wear shades. You make me smile.