Saturday, July 10, 2010




...a college student.

The choice to homeschool is an amazing journey. In our home, the children do get to decide. They get the summer to ponder their choice, and once a decision is made, it is a year commitment.

Nick was pulled out of public school the second week into 4th grade, and he never looked back. Now entering his senior year, new choices are coming up quickly. College, Trade School, Military, on-the-job training to name a few. Trying to pin a "what do you wanna do when you grow up" on a young adult is amusing to me....trying to pin down college options for a Christian-conservative-athletic male is not such a laughing matter.

Add in deciding on which colleges to visit;

Encourage student to write college application essays,
introduction letters to the coach of interest of a specific sport,
and to prepare for admission tests, SAT, and ACT tests.

Research scholarship options,
know grant deadline for applications,
and plan college financing;

Start acquiring letters of recommendation for said colleges,
create an on-campus budget,
and complete a housing/mealplan applications when neccessary.

Now, these are the things I do know is part of the process...
Now I need to spend time on discovering the things I don't know!
Suggestions are welcomed! =)

In the meantime,
I refuse to be overwhelmed,


carol said...

Helping the young adult is a transition. There needs are no less than the younger children just different.

Danielle said...

Be sure to do a FAFSA. He may be eligible for Pell Grant money and student loans if scholarships don't cover everything.

Books are WAY expensive. And....don't forget online classes are an option.

Marla said...

wow,time does fly doesn't it!Thinking about all of it must be a bit overwhelming!I know we will be at that point,way too soon!