Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is about me...

...the battle of parenting within me...

Daddy is gone during the week. This has been for some time now. This will continue for some time now...

~OK, I admit it, this mama misses the tag-team techniques of a 2 parent household!
*smile...count to ten...exhale...hug the child* and repeat and repeat and...
Martyr mom wants to keep the house tidy... it helps her brain think clearer
Memory-makin' mom dumps the pile of toys in the middle of the room, sits down and plays with her child(ren).

Martyr mom wants to cry over spilled juice.
Memory-makin' mom sprays soapy water down and has kids "ice-skate" in their socks.

Martyr mom wants to stay on the computer all day "talking to adults"
Memory-makin' mom digs up a craft or experiment idea, and seizes the moment.

Martyr mom wants to scream at her screaming littles.
Memory-makin' mom embraces the child and his meltdown.

Martyr mom wants to sleep in after staying up half the night with rambunctious children.
Memory-makin' mom gets up early to pray, then prepare breakfast for sleepy faces.

Martyr mom wants to finish her blog post =)
Memory-makin' mom helps with homework, changes a diaper, reads a story, fills a sippy cup, play referee, and answer multiple questions from an inquisitive child... and finish her post in tiny tidbits of moments with pondering thoughts mingling in her head.

Martyr mom wants to boo-hoo at dear hubby about her woe-is-me's
Memory-makin' mom will
have the kids
help tidy the house
on Friday
(as many hands make light work)
have ALL the kids
play outside
(gotta love those older kids ;^)
so that mama can finally take a decent shower for the week...
so that when DADDY gets home that night,
we can have


Marla said...

Love this.Soo so true!

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

I love you.

The Matyr Momma and the Memory Makin' Momma.

Hope your weekend was a wonderful few days of tag teaming :)

LLJ said...

I love this, too! : )
I hope you have lots of memories this week! And me too!


Deaconess Children's Services said...

Funny how martyr mom and memory making mom sounds just like my favorite sister-in-law...Hmmm...:-)

Daune said...

That was beautiful...seems like a daily reminder for me!!!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh yea! Walkin' that walk right with you.

I think that these 2 Martyr Mamas need to get together for some Memory Makin' with our kiddos ... while our Papas are away every week.

Yep ... sounds like its time for us to head your way to the zoo or the science center. I'll be in touch!

Tonight ... I was the Memory Making Mama as I let the kids play outside until "way too late". Hoping that tomorrow I'm not regrettin' it because of cranky kiddos. But ... they were having fun tonight, so I thought I'd let them stay up late.

Laurel :)