Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UPDATE; just incase you thought we disappeared ;^)

I think of things daily to ponder about here:
Some things are of deep thought, others are of light jest.
We are a bit school driven 'round here for the next 4 weeks, as the boys state testing is a tad earlier this year (May 8th!). Needless to say, Nick & TJ are excited for their summer break to begin early... focus boys, focus!

Mostly I am just stalling w/ the anticipation of pictures from Nicks camera!
Yeah, we are not the most brilliant of computer wizards here, so together we are in the process of figuring out how to get those photos downloaded to our computer. The new camera in itself is of endless entertainment for our 2nd oldest son; therefore, becoming a priceless joy to me.
Photo targets in the first week:

*Baby Bryson comes in 1st as he is full of new victories on a daily basis.
*Birds- they are currently in abundance around these parts. I may encourage 'journaling' about the different birds he has photos of.
*daily tasks (ie dishes, cooking, playing a board game) in frame-by-frame shots.
*typical moments such as Katie drawing, TJ reading, Bryson napping, etc...
*week-end w/ Grandma Michele & Aunt Chanelle for Easter, although I don't think we got any Easter day photos?? Oh yes, cept the one Auntie Chanelle took of ALL of us, which I will post when we get a copy...uh yeah, baby crying, Andrew screaming, dog piled on us...that one oughta be entertaining, eh?

to be continued....

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Heaven Scent Farms said...

I can't wait! I can't take the anticipation! Hurry, Nick, Hurry!
Love you guys!