Monday, August 2, 2010


Where's Flat Brat Charlie?

Having Story Time w/ Aunt Chanelle.
Poor Charlie has not had many outings in the great northwest as of yet. His first trip out with us we went to Alki Beach...such a beautiful place...and I, yes I, left Charlie at the pizza place. *gasp* Thankfully a dear cousin was still there and saved the day! Maybe there is a reason we have chosen not to have a baby #7 =)

Athletics vs Academics~

Today is our 1st day of the school year.... 2010-2011
Today is also a day I needed to take Nick to the urgent care.
Ummm, yeah, those places are never very quick...
we will begin school....
Ofcourse tomorrow is when he will see the orthopedic surgeon and most likely have a cast put on his wrist. He did play a great game yesterday, and the 'take out' was at the end of the game. Did I mention he was already seeing a chiropractor and doing physical training for a hip that was jolted out of place while we were in California? Hmmm, the next soccer tournament is in 3 weeks...wonder how that will go?

Vacation vs Education
Have school books; will travel~

Next week we head to Oregon for a couple of weeks...sorta.
We get to house-sit for a dear friend. The kids are thrilled to spend some time in our hometown. Fred is needed in Oregon for a period of time for his job, so this was perfect timing for the family. Our precious dog Asia will not be so happy...she gets to stay home with the Grandparents. I may need to go back occasionally to check up on her, as she is lost without a house full of kids... seriously.

Reunions vs funerals~

I had a family reunion this past week-end. I have always like them. I like seeing family. I especially love to see my cousins! My mom is one of 8 children... I have lots of cousins... I think it is a beautiful thing! My dear Grandpa's time is almost up... he will soon get to go up to Heaven...what a glorious thing that has to be! We were blessed to have the reunion very close to his home so that we could take turns going to visit him. He is such a sweet man.

Just wondering...

If I should cut most of my hair off for a good cause?? It has been a very long time since I have had short hair... but I am blessed with lots of hair... the lovely girl I want to help does not. It would be a kind thing to is a funny attachment... a part of us, yet not really. I am still thinking about it....

Grateful for...

the unique relationship I have with each individual child we have. My heart's love is beyond what my mind can comprehend... full and overflowing indeed.


James said...

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Heaven Scent Farms said...

You are an amazing Mom! I hope T.J. heals quickly. It sounds more like Rugby than soccer. At least in the Southeast it is not so rough...or, maybe my kids are just younger.
Your hair! What an amazing gift for your young friend. I am sure you are beautiful bald if need be but the amazing crowing glory you will be sharing with your friend is a true gift. What ever your decision you are beautiful inside and out.
Blessings my friend.

James said...
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