Monday, August 16, 2010

Keeping it real~ Homeschool Style

Ah, Yes...

School began Aug 02, 2010.

Our day was to begin at 9:00 a.m.

We went to urgent care instead...
then the kids did do math and 'some' reading.

Next day was to the orthopedics...and some math and reading.

Wed, Thurs, & Fri...math, reading (history and literature), and some grammar.

2nd week:

House-sitting out of state, in our hometown, but with good intentions... lots of play, some reading.

3rd week:

Most of the kids are back home w/ me. TJ is still with his dad and oldest brother out of town...
One student did math, one did reading and grammar. :^/

Now, this isn't entirely truthful, as Katie-girl does plenty of self-motivated learning. Like reading next years health book, researching ballet in the encyclopedia, and digging up Scriptures to ask about, and the all-inquisitive remarks of "It's Circle Time on the schedule, when are you going to start?" "Andrew & Bryson missed their Table Time, mom"....

but hey, Andrew is getting his reading & writing lessons done. This is saying a lot for my unique student.

And the "littles" randomly get to practice French, play with marbles, build with Lincoln Logs, create with Play Dough, and help tend to the garden outside...

so....maybe, just maybe, LIFE accounts as some education, eh?

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Marla said...

Love your new look of your blog.Yes,life does count for learning!Blessings ,Marla Grace