Sunday, November 7, 2010

Takin' Care of Mama

A journey of getting healthy,
both spiritually and physically.

Encouraged by Mama D.

My Week...

started with lots of ponderings, prayer, & some patience.

I came up with my Healthy Plan...and then I came up with the flu for several days. Nothing like the desire to get healthy when you feel really ill. ;^)

The first topic of my Healthy Plan is Fitness.

I like fitness.
I love being active.
I just never get around to finding time "for me" to get it done
(aka I don't find time for myself.)
Walking is my favorite; It loosens my joints, strengthens my muscles, slowly slims my roundness, and clears my mental thinking.

My fitness plan for this month is to just get started. How's that for big goals?

Next is Nutrition.

I already mentioned that I can't diet. But dieting is something temporary. It is a quick fix. Something that I see as a short term goal. I have to approach my nutrition as a life style change. As a way to get healthy. To feel better from within.

I cannot make rules. That becomes a diet.
You know, like:
*no sugar, no carbs
*limit to 1500 calories
*don't eat after 8 p.m.

I can, however, make guidelines.
*Balanced nutrition. This would mean adding vegetables to my meals. =)
*Drink less caffeine; drink more water.
*plan 6 small meals to keep metabolism up & hunger down.

My nutrition plan for this month is to eat small balanced meals, and to drink more water.

Last, but not least, is my spiritual health.

This mama needs prayer time, wants Bible reading time, and craves good worship music. I will seek this time in the quiet hours of the morning.

My spiritual goal for this month is the Spiritual Triathlon.
15 min. reading, 15 min. praying, 15 min. listening.

~Next week I will share my opinions about "the scale"
~why I think my health should be important to me.

So, what steps are you willing to take to be a healthier you?


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great post ... great plan!

Looks like we are focusing on the same things.

I don't want my eating changes to become "just a diet"; I truly want to use the changes as a lifelong eating plan.

LOVE the "Spiritual Triathalon". I just might need to try that 15 x 3 plan, as well. Thanks for the idea.

Keep up the good work!!! Let's DO THIS together!

Mama D. :)

Marla said...

Sheri,I hope you are feeling better.Hope it does not go through everyone!I like your goals.I would love to send you an invite to my blog.I need your email address.Then you confirm the email.I know it is kind of a pain.Blessings,Marla