Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am not sure I have explained our exact living situation as of yet. I have been a bit vague due to waiting for the details ourselves.

Here are the facts:
All 6 of our children are living at home for a very special season. I will enjoy cuz soon enough two of my man-child's will be moving on... the oldest is taking a hiatus while preparing for bigger life plans, and son #2 is still in the throws of which way to head in life's many options after recently graduating.

Gramma "M" is moving in with us also. This would be my dear husbands mother. This is where the title of this post comes in. I downsized much when I packed out belongings 2 yrs ago. I do admit to probably an overabundance of books, but hey, I still have another 15 yrs of homeschooling to go. Gramma M has had a life time of treasures to collect over her blessed years. I knew downsizing was going to be more difficult for her. Every item she owns reflects a memory, or a quality, which makes it hard to let go. Can I say that she has been quite the trooper?! My husband (bless his heart) is a facts-n-logic man, so "things" in general have no purpose to him. He sees over 1/2 our belongings as non-essential (which is about right), thus not necessary... I, on the other hand, encourage that some "things" make our hearts smile, encourages a cozy home environment, and reflects a little about our personalities.
So dear Gramma M & I have been compromising our belongings.

We use
my dishes (hers are not children friendly, lol)
her pots & pans,
our furniture,
her TV's,
my tupperware,
her baking dishes...
(you get the idea).

So when it came to decorations, we once again compromised.

I love clocks *grin*
Here is just a simple lot unpacked.

She adores Hummels;
figurines, wall photos, music box.

I think when all is said & done,
these "things" will complement each other.

Just as being a family,
with different personalities,
quirks, interests, & gifts
complement the true meaning of our

So how big is our new home?

Well, after sharing living space in a small home with my parents (bless their hearts!), this house feels rather large, but really is of modest size.

Technically, it is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home. but... it also has a huge bonus room, an office, and a "salon" aka formal dining room.

This is plenty abundant for us!

The big boys get the bonus room (man cave),
Katie has her own room,
Gramma M has her own room,
Fred & I share a room ;^D,
and the littles are floating a bit as of yet.
(See how honest I am *hee*)

We are using the formal dining room as a school room,
the downstairs closest stores all the busy toys,
and the littles use the little landing pad at the top of the stairs by our room as a mini-play area.

As for sleeping, the youngest 2 are in our room for now, quite frankly because they would be anyways, regardless of us choosing a room for them. There will be a futon available in sissy's room for them to sleep in, and also a bunkbed in the man cave... I really wasn't joking when I said that they were floating, eh? ;^)

Will share pictures of our home once we are completely unpacked...
our office is full, but effecient;
the family room is simple and spacious;
the garage, once cleared out from the sorting, will give us a work-out area;
and if I, personally, keep our individual items down to neccessity,
I will be able to use our rather large walk-in closet as a prayer room.
You know, a place set aside to spend with the Lord before each day begins.
I figure as busy as I am going to be, this will be a must to keep my priorities and sanity in check. *smile*

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