Sunday, July 24, 2011

Curriculum Outline for...

American- 1800's

Our main focus will be on the Oregon Trail & the Civil War.

Read alouds, projects, & activities will be used from the library, Robinson Curriculum, a few resources from here
and here

fyi- this doesn't sound lovely, but blogger sucks, which is why I am stuck with black plain font and can't hyper-link the sites I am sharing... I WILL be changing to wordpress!! grrr... insert *fakey-smile* here, lol


1st quarter- Astronomy
2nd quarter- meteorology
3rd quarter- geology
4th quarter-biology

random resources that we will share in our Monthly Goals update.


TJ- Swiss Family Robinson (RC)
Where The Red Fern Grows
Hans Brinker (RC)
Slave Dancer
Summer of the Monkeys
Grasshopper Summer

Katie- Dear America 1800's series
5 lil Peppers series (we tried to start last year) (RC)
Finish up the Little House on the Prairie series.


McGuffey Readers,
Language Lesson from
& Daily Grams


TJ- review Saxon 7/6, then move to Pre-algebra.
Still deciding if we want him to stay w/ Saxon or use Math-U-See.

Katie- finishing Arithmetic 3 (Abeka), then moves to Saxon 5/4.


will share details in our monthly updates.
We will still focus on 1 artist, poet, & composer per month.


TJ- woodworking, sandcastle art, welding, & basic mechanics.

Katie- Piano, sewing lessons, sandcastle art, & drawing.


Continue French, begin Spanish...


New Testament studies.

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On a side note:

I will also begin to homeschool Savannah (aka "tutor")
Savannah is a girl whom I use to care for from when she was itty-bitty little til she began school.
(I also babysat for her younger siblings for many years)
Savannah struggles with sensory issues and is diagnosed with functioning Autism. She is going into 6th grade, but we are going to begin her homeschool journey at her learning level, establish routines, and help her to create social skills & boundaries. I will be sharing her journey as well in our Monthly Goals update.

On a 2nd side note:

Andrew is in transition from 'Learning w/ the Littles' status, to the bigger kids updates on l.i.f.e. Academy. For now, I will be sharing his goals & progress via L.I.F.E Discovery updates which is still geared towared the youngest, but thought I better re-phrase the title. I want Andrew to want to be big. ;^) At the same time, I will be doing some preschool activities 3 days a week with Bryson & his friend, Dustin.

hmmm, now if I could only pull my house together from the move weeks ago!
oh, btw, school starts Aug 01, yep 1 more week to get 'er dun! ;^)

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Daune said...

Wow...your motivation is extremely encouraging as well as daunting to me becuz I am just praying for HELP with how to do it this year...with all that you've got going on, I am amazed at your plan!
I used Math-U-See and hated it...lots of prep time, if I remember right...been years.
The boys HATE Robinson curriculum books...say they're boring and old and I don't have a Kindle or anything so they were reading them on the computer and that was frustrating to them and me! Not sure what I'm gonna do this year, but I am homeschooling them...with more outside/service activities I believe as well as a coop!~ Have a great two weeks getting ready...pray for me, plz!!! Thanks much.