Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Season of Sentiment

I use to overlook this time of year. I always looked at it as cool, wet, and dreary. Fall was the season that came only to prove that summer was over, a season of change. I always dreaded change as a child as I never knew what was around the corner. Then as I was a young adult, I looked forward to change as an escape from whatever crisis was in the moment. Both ways tend to overlook life; one looks back at what should have been, the other looks forward to what should be. What about the beauty of the moment? To be still, to slowly exhale, to 'just be' for a moment. With chaos comes missed memories, this is especially true for me while being 'mom' to many. Housework, school, sports, bills, and errands do not get done themselves, yet at the end of the day what treasures have I encountered?... A "thanks mom", a precious giggle, thoughtful insights that need to be explored, light-hearted laughter, random acts of kindness (that can easily be overlooked), a snuggle and a hug just because, and a twinklin' eye from the love of my life!
Just as God's art is displayed in Autumn, His heart is displayed in our lives. What miraculous array of colors can you discover?

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