Thursday, October 2, 2008


Joe ~ We are so proud of you!

You did not rush to move out (thanks for breaking me in easy). It was a wonderful gift to still have you home when Baby Bryson was is priceless! Some folks were worried (more like observant) on how your mom would handle your new independance. Although childhood seemed to have gone so fast, it is exciting to watch your 'new beginnings'... you are ready, you are strong, you are wise (for your age ;^), and remember that you will always be able to define who you are through Jesus Christ.

*minutes old~
the first time I saw your amazing blue eyes (this mom can be bias)
*2-7 yrs~
Mr. Dress up ~
could dress up and act like any Action Hero he ever saw!
*4-16 yrs~
The Brick Wall ~ awesome soccer sweeper!
*5 yrs~
learning to spit with dad over the bridge (we will just leave it at that)
*10 yrs~
going on a "4th of July" walk w/ Aunt Chanelle...thickets, nettles, ouch
*12 yrs~
you staying calm when your bed was catching on fire
*13-19 yrs~
going to concerts with you...we rock, lol.

Things I wont miss:
*your laundry :^P
*HWY 30 worries

Things I will miss:
*Our late night talks
*You playing the guitar.
*HI JOE! from Andrew

~~You will always be our Joey~~


Fred said...

Yes, we are very proud of the accomplishments of our eldest son. Now, if he can put up with his old man at work for a few more years, he will have made it through probably the toughest part of life.

If he keeps going the way he is, I may very well be working for him one day! He would love that, wouldn't you Joe?!

Dee said...

Very proud Grandma here. Joe, you captured my heart the instant you were born, even though I didn't know what to do with a BOY grandbaby. It didn't take me long to get used to all the boy things that happen. You have given me such joy in watching you grow into the young man that you are. I thank the Lord for your loving and caring parents and the sweet teachable spirit that He gave you.

Honey, if you HAD to have a tatoo, this one is pretty awesome!

Fred said...

Look at that Joe, more encouragement from your Grandma! You should tell her about the really big one on your back. (Just Kidding)

Chanelle said...

My dearest've grown into a lovely young man, Sweetie and I am so oproud to be your aunt. Hopefully you won't mind if I add a couple of my favorite memories of your childhood...I loved going to see all the Star Wars movies with you and then going to Taco Bell afterwards...I still love thinking about us all being at your Great-Grandma Hollinger's house watching your Dad and cousins play foursquare in the road and you clapping and yelling "Yeah, Fred!" when he scored a point. :-) Love you!

Hollinger Family said...

LOL, it was more like.. "Yay Fwed"

lathropgrub said...

Joe Joe, I'm so proud of the young man you have become. Love the tat!!!( sorry grandma :-) ) I have enjoyed watching you grow and look forward to watching you in the future. I love you Joeseph!!!