Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life's Blessings 101

ok... so I humbly admit that life for the last several months have felt like a rollercoaster (I do not enjoy rollercoasters by the way) ... clank, clank, clank, up, up, up we go, slow n steady, fighting hard to get my ducks-in-a-row (routines, schedules, children, my sanity)... then....whooooooosh!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Normal folks? arms flailing, hair swooshing, crazy laughter, going with the ride, so to speak. Me? white knuckled, eyes closed, screaming (more like hyperventilating at times). It never looks that bad at the beginning, and really it is not so bad after it is over, but during? it sucks the life right out of me. For the last two months the ride has been consistantly repetitive really (no loop-d-loops, thank God literally), yet draining none the less...
up-no one has been sick
down- there is always someone who is not sleeping, thus momma duck is not sleeping.
up-Fred is employed by a great company who treats us well!
down-he is working...a lot (really!)
up-we are out of debt, so to speak
down-root canals? broken windows? always something to challenge our budget.
up-did I mention that Fred is working a lot? a blessing in this economy...
down- his blur of work, eat, sleep, in the midst of my blur of holding the fort down (so to speak)
up-homeschool is going well...learning curves balanced, attitudes in check, willingness present.
down- I am so exhausted from cat naps through the night, minimal shower options, being a one-armed she-rah packing a 20 lbs munchkin (ok...just because he is a cutie pie doesn't make it any easier, lol) on my hip all day while multi-tasking anything at hand with my right side, that I don't have enough energy to push the education button to the potential I think it could go

-am I whining? ...yes
-too hard on myself?...probably
-selfish attitude? times
-grateful?... always

Give me the strength to be joyful always, pray continually, and to give thanks in all circumstances, for this is your will for me! 1 thess 5:16
In Christ Jesus' name, Amen