Monday, December 29, 2008

Mondays Mania

For today....

This week's goal > to enjoy the rest of our school break.

I plan > to declutter the school books to prepare for the 2nd half of our school year.

I see > clean counters and bare walls. We took down the tree and decorations, so now I need to put our usual stuff back out.

I hear > kids playing upstairs. We have several friends of all ages over today. The hope is that they will all play happily so I can get things done ;^)

I smell > the lingering smell of syrup. We had waffles for breakfast.

I taste > a plan of having porkchops for dinner. I will use my new kitchen aid mixer to attempt mashed potatoes tonight. biscuits and salad will compliment our meal. note: I am not a cook, but I do try to make an effort ;^)

I feel > relaxed. My honey was home for several days. A great time for us all to wind down a bit. I am an organizer maniac, and our schedule has flown out the window the past several weeks which has been a great lesson for me to grasp... to go for the ride when needed, to enjoy the small moments in every day. Life continues to go on, so I am enjoying the scenery as I go!

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tonia said...

Hey! Look who's here! Thank you for sending your blog address. It will be so fun to keep up with all of you.

Your family is a blessing to ours.

Happy organizing!