Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We seem to be extremely blessed this past week, even as our home budget is at it's very modest, God is good and faithful in all circumstances.

1) The ladies in our homegroup "treated" me to a generous shopping spree (with the guise of me not having a baby shower; yeah, that would be, like, last May~ they are just too sweet for words! ) which in turn gave me something lovely to wear out with my honey!!

2) A Mystery Dinner Train Exursion for Fred's Christmas company event. Our Joe and Miss Sara were also able to join us! (HA! Joe moves out, and Dad is still boss ;^)

3) Shelby, our sitter, gave us free service as a Christmas "gift" for our special night out! What a beautiful young lady!

4) Nana went all out for a craft day day for our kids! Picture frames adorned w/ sea shells and buttons... along w/ photos taken of the project-at-hand to place in the frames! precious!

5) We have snow~ the kids love it, and we are blessed with an extended visit with Joe!

6) We enjoyed our "annual Gingerbread Man decorating party" w/ Angie and the girls!! (Mmmm, the aroma was delightful)

7) Until this past year, I did daycare for years. One of the families that I cared for (3 children) has just given us bags of baby clothes, a high chair, and a playpen! All were very much needed and on my 'want' list! wee hoo!

8) A lovely, large, sectional couch gifted to us from a stranger ~ ALL of us snuggled on a couch for movie night will be priceless!

Wow, those are just a few of the most obvious blessings I am sharing... tomorrow I will share the littlest things that snag at my heart strings also...

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Heidi said...

I'm so happy to hear how God has blessed your family this season!