Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bryson is 9 months now. Time just keeps on ticking... TJ took this picture while we were waiting for Katie at swimming lessons. My phone quality photos are not the greatest, so Nick and I are researching our best options for a digital camera. Nick is interested in photography, so I am confident that this will be a worthy investment, and if I am really lucky, our blog will surely benefit from his efforts! ;^) As for baby photos, I sure better label them well, as they all look the same at this age!!

Over the week end, Fred & I were able to go to a Valentine event at our church. Great fellowship, a fun round of the 'newlywed' game, steak dinner w/ the works, a relaxing view of the movie, Fireproof, WITH childcare provided...All for the low price of $15!
TJ helped in the nursery (with Bryson), and Nick tackled the preschoolers, or, er, should I say they tackled him? When I peeked in on occasion, those little tikes had Nick dog-piled all at once, all in the name of a "horsey ride"! Hmmm, he is becoming more like his dad every day! ;^D

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Elaine said...

There you are! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was relieved to find your link there as well. I had lost the link. Wow, Bryson is growing like a weed! You have such a beautiful family! Glad you all are doing well. How did you like your soap?