Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simplicity of our day... Bryson loves chasing the reflection of the flashlight...a house full of giggles.
Ahhh, Nick relaxing w/ our lovable dog, Asia. She is the black pillow he is resting on... a house full of calm.

Now who knew that later this day Bryson would decide to swallow a penny! He constantly puts stuff in his mouth, we are constantly picking up stuff, but non the less, he did swallow a penny. .. Bryson would cry then gurgle, cry then gurgle... Nick calls 911, I do what baby rescue I know; tip him down? thrust his little diaphragm, firm yet gentle blows to his back...darn it, I can see that dumb penny, but it just won't come out....yet. So I hold him upsidedown with one hand, and with the other hand I stick my finger in his mouth to hold the back of his tongue down and sorta shake him a couple of times...and out drops the penny, just as help arrives. Poor TJ comes out of the restroom dumbfounded...the dog is locked up, barking relentlessly, police are in our home, paramedics are arriving, and Bryson is grinning at them all!

So the boys now take my "nothing smaller than his (Baby Bryson) fist" rule to a whole new perspective. And Bryson got extra loves, hugs, and kisses the rest of the day; if that is even possible. ;^)

As for other parts of the day:
I tried to take photos of pre- school time. We did a fun turtle craft for our Letter Tt time. My phone is slow taking pictures, and Andrew is way too active to hold still, so the only picture to share is at the end of the day when he crashed on a pile of clean laundry while eating a snack. (sorry, no pants again, that is just the way it is).
We also had snow again today, about an inch or so...enough to cover the ground and look pretty. So Katie bundled up for school, which seemed odd to me as she had her swimming suit on under everything for swimming lessons later in the day. She has had 2 weeks of lessons during school, and is enjoying them... yay, no face in the water panic now. I think I will continue them for a few months so that she (and I) will be more comfortable with our pool this summer.

Ok...I am off now to start school... on schedule for the week:
Chemistry -Nick, all about nitrogen, this should be fun.
Animal Science- TJ, migration of birds (tanagers, specifically)
Bible- An in depth look at Joseph and his family.
Math- Nick, review of powers and exponents; TJ, the operation of parentheses.
Grammar- Nick, introducing adverbs and infinitives; TJ, prepositional phrases.
Health- Nick, Parts of the brain and what it controls. TJ, blood, oxygen, & the heart.
Fine Arts- The Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, Venice.
PE- weights and fun runs.
It is sunny, and we are off to enjoy the day.....

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The Butterfly Catcher said...

My dear Sheri, you explain the events of the day with such calmness. . .and you were composed enough to know what to do to save little Bryson's life!! I am sending up a multitude of praises and thanksgiving on your behalf! His mercies are indeed new every morning! Now I think I'll go scour my floors for anything smaller than my fist!