Wednesday, May 13, 2009

... yet...

Running a household for the 7 of us can be chaotic at times, but I have been a mom long enough to know to embrace the moments...yet now we are adding a few items to my load...
*Fred is already working in our new location, thus he is gone all week. Now, I know my job does not ever stop just because my dh is home. I mean I still change all the diapers, still need to continue chores, still get to bed late; but what I do get when dh is home is a bit of a mental break. I am never "off duty", but it is a bit relieving by evening to have a 2nd set of eyes to be aware of household events happening. It is relaxing to have the littles up in the big room playing with dad while I scramble to get more things done downstairs (I just ignore the fact that a mess is being made upstairs, while I am cleaning downstairs, but hey, atleast they are having fun!).

*Can you imagine how much "stuff" our size of family has? Amongst other things, I am now packing up our house.
Half the toys are packed. I packed up all our jumbled-stuff like leggos, lincoln logs, marble sets, etc... less mess equals more time to get things done.

It was much work to weed through our school books, carefully choosing only what we will need for this up coming school year (for 4 of our children). All the remaining reading books, unit studies, curriculums, & resource books are boxed up and in the garage. Go me! ;^)
Now I am headed to the mysterious beyond...closets! I am amazed how well I utitlize space in coat closets, linen closets, bedroom closets, & 3 storage closets (one for board games, yes, we have a lot! They are great for family time. Another is for arts & crafts, photos, and the like. The last one is out of season items such as Christmas stuff.) The content to these spaces seem endless...but I am getting through it!
Next will be the laundry room! If I can get through these few things this week, all-the-while still being a family, I will consider it a successful week!

Asia is not so sure about what is going on with Dad gone a lot and me packing, so she just lounges about and watches me.

A lot of folks are commenting on how we are going to manage living is such a small space with all of us... My dear m.i.l. has a quaint 3 bedroom rambler-style home. Just think 'Brady Bunch' style, and it will work, lol. It is temporary, a minor season in life, and quite frankly, we could survive in a cardboard box if needed, (although not neccessary) as long as we all were together. Family's matter, eh?

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