Thursday, May 21, 2009


There are some tragedies in life that we cannot protect our children from... Death is one of them.
Four years ago
today our (Fred's) step-brother (21 at the time) died in a car accident down the street from where we currently live. It was due to bad weather. It blind-sided us. Our oldest son, Joe, had the closest connection to Brandon. Brandon taught him how to drive a stickshift in his really cool car, gave him bowling tips, and spent hours 'racing' on the Xbox. His death left a void, but taught us the value of appreciating life.
Two years ago (this July) my lifetime bestfriends' husband died after battling a very long & strong battle w/ luekemia. He was the father of a 12 yr old daughter and an 8 yr old boy. He was a good family man, and he was not done being a father...but the Good Father above had different plans. This left us with questions, but taught us to trust in His plan.

Two days ago, Randall died. He was 12. Randall was in our Sunday School class that Fred & I taught for several years. He played soccer w/ T.J. ... Fred coached that team. He was an active part of our Sunday mornings, Wednesdays, VBS, & soccer seasons. He was too smart for his own good at times (I say this with a smile). He has a lovely family; left behind was his father, mother, brother Ryan (9), and brother Dustin (1). This was a tragic accident that has left us puzzled, but we know God is the answer...
When we are left empty...God can fill us up,
When we are sad...God will comfort us,
When we are weary... God is our strength,
When we are sinners...God can save us by His Grace,

Rest in peace, Randall!

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Heaven Scent Farms said...

I am so sorry. I am praying for God's comfort for his family and yours.