Saturday, May 2, 2009


TJ is a middle child. Some stereo-type I think it is a blessing in its own way. Lucky enough to have older siblings to look up to and younger siblings to mentor.

He fits well in the middle of us all.

TJ is a very caring son. He will step up and help me out when he sees I need it.

He loves sports & video games! I think he enjoys the challenge of having older brothers to keep up with. Yes, at times, he can also get frustrated. What a great way to learn to manage those types of feeling before facing the stresses of adulthood.

I do find it amusing when the older brothers seek out facts from TJ regarding football, specifically the Seahawks.

TJ also loves to fish with his Dad! This child is not a morning person, but tell him he is going fishing and he is up at 5:30, tapping Dad on the shoulder by 6 a.m. Maybe if I took him fishing every morning, he would be more eager to get up and moving for our school day ;^)

Ice Cream Dates: When you have several children, you tend to enjoy any one-on-one time. Lucky for us, we have a Dairy Queen just down the street...
"TJ, let's go for a walk...uh, yeah, a stroll down the street sounds good"
I don't think Dad has caught on...yet!


Heaven Scent Farms said...

Look how beautiful you and your family are! Awesome pics. Happy Birthday TJ! At least you walk to the DQ instead of drive. My husband drives to the mail box. lol well it is a quarter mile.

Hollinger Family said...

Elaine, you are such a doll. Miss our talks girl!

Heaven Scent Farms said...

Call me anytime! I would love to hear from you. We are hear most days but nights are more accurate. I think you are three hours behind me. I will try to give you a shout soon.