Monday, March 15, 2010

How are they doing it? part 2

This is our "thougtful spot". It is also my teacher station. It is just a small nook in the wall between a fireplace and sliding glass door.

Arts & Crafts supplies are on the top shelf,
My 'Office' in a binder, Teacher binder, and Personal journal, along w/ our Geo-Safari are on the next shelf.
Next is some 'educational' toys.
The bottom shelf contains;
a World Atlas
,A Big Book of Words,
A Children's Bible,
along w/ a box filled w/ stationery supplies.

Note the stool. I utilize the "thoughtful spot" for meltdowns, not being co-operative, for any behavior correction needed.

This is a place to take quiet time by oneself.
Reading, praying, and writing apology letters are only some of the activities that can take place here.

~where are those toys?...stay tuned...

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Fruitful Harvest said...

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What a great job of orgainizing!

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