Saturday, March 13, 2010


*This series is to share w/ friends and family how it is possible to make it work for a season w/ 10 people in a 3 bed-room house.
*This series is also to share w/ other homeschooling bloggers how it is possible to still homeschool during difficult transitions.

Our 1st photo is of the 'bedroom'. We have 3 children sleep in here via the bunkbed w/ a provided trundle.
*note: Grammy & Gramps have their own room, as does oldest (adult) brother Joe.

Our 2nd photo is of our "family closet". Funny enough, Kathi mentioned a desire to have a family closet. Well, let me show you the how to have one w/ the core basics.
Left top
~ my 5 outfits hung together & TJ's shirts.
Left bottom
~ Katie's dresses, jackets, and lil brothers jackets.
Left floor
~ dark blue bin (hidden left) is stuffed animals. Red bin is Katie's shoes. Wicker bin is Katie's socks.

Right top~Fred's dress shirts (hidden right). We have 2 sweater holders; the left contains Andrews clothes, the right contains Bryson & Katie's clothes.
Right floor
~school files (2 crates) & 4 blankets.

The middle shelves hold: top to bottom;
Pink bin~ my undergarments
Blue bin~ TJ's shorts
Red bin~ TJ's pants
Red bin~ TJ's undergarments
"the diaper station"
Pink bin
~ Katie's ballet stuff

Nick & Fred both have a dresser to contain most their clothes, and the turtle hangs out in here too!
Did you notice simplicity?? No pictures on walls, no toys? toys? where are the toys? hmmm...guess you will have to stay tuned to find out...


Kathi said...

Thank you.

Oh, how I need Simplicity...stuff just makes me feel blechy! All these blogs on decorating, or worse, Mom-to-a-whole-lotta-kiddos-blogs on decorating (and there house looks Awesome and Magazine-y and Super-EXPENSIVE).

Brian is (silently) longing to get out of the Army...and we would be broke (since, you know, his college degree means he could be a Pator, and that's about it).

Simple is good. Inexpensive is good. Living with Family (again) may be good. Just keep sharing your thoughts on being together is all the matters and is the bestest.

You inspire me.

And please, no more talk about my Mom (UN)awesomeness. I had bought 4 of those 7 cards back in 2006, never gave them out, signed them during NapTime, and BOUGHT cookies...when I got out the Decorations (only to show off to my Mom and Sister when they came down, I know, I'm a Wretch), the kids thought I had gone out and bought a whole bunch of SP Day Decor, because I hadn't even bothered to get it all out and decorate the past 2 years!!!
...Now I feel like my blog's a Big Phony...and me too!!!

(I need your email address:)

Have a good day, and a FUN weekend!
mommy24baileys at gmail dot com

Kathi said...

"their house"...I meant "their house"...and Brian could be a Pastor, not a Pator (what's a Pator)...Yes, it's OK that I Homeschool my Children :)

Hollinger Family said...

*giggle* Kathi, you are so precious not because you are perfect, but because you keep it real! ;^)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We, too, are in "transitional housing" so to speak. :) We are living with our 6 youngest kids (which includes 2 teens) in a very small 3 bedroom "cabin" in the woods.

We have to be out of here in 2 weeks ... and have no idea where the Lord is going to move us.

Praying our "old house" will sell, so that we can buy a new house out here on "our little island". Hubby can't commute from "old house" because the ferry schedules just don't work (and the cost of $25 per ferry ride, plus the gas to get back and forth).


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Kathi ... nothing wrong with being a pastor. God WILL provide financially, if that is what He calls your husband to do.

After 21 years of teaching, my husband has just transitioned into full-time ministry, at a very small church, with a very small salary (and we still have 6 kids left at home, and 2 in college).

Laurel :)