Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i ponder many things.

...end of the school year is near...

~testing time is among us.

This is the time of year I start questioning if 'we' have done enough. Don't get me wrong, we (yes, I learn along side them) have learned so much this year.

Many of it is in tangible things like life skills, social skills, survival skills, a bit of first-aid, endless varieties of nature study (a favorite), fitness training, and compassion aimed on a specific special needs (aspergers syndrome).

Our books studies include (but not limited to) Ancient Greek, Ancient Rome, & Biblical times of the same era, WWII, math, vocabulary, grammar review, and some French.

Specialty studies per students interest:
Nick- photography, sports, & driver's ed
TJ- cooking & weight-lifting
Katie- ballet, cursive, & typing

The side-effects lessons:
patience, time management, flexability in circumstances, simplicity of real needs, determination, a desire of righteous things, and embracing multi-aged hands-on activities.

Too bad testing nowadays is focused on knowing how to take a test.

Life is our classroom; our lessons are for a lifetime

**another rushed moment out the door;
facing our days, one moment at a time!

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