Monday, May 24, 2010



School is officially out for the summer.

The kids took the year-end-make-the-state-happy tests last friday.

Our to-do list:

1) continue French lessons.
2) start weekly visits to the library.
3) grow a garden.
4) begin a "flat Stanley" project w/ a few families overseas.
(details later)
5) explore biology hand-on style.
6) get re-focused w/ daily devotions.
7) a handful of college showcase soccer tournaments.
8) weekend outings fishing w/ Dad.
9) to find a class, camp, or VBS to participate in.

How's your summer going to look?

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carol said...

We are doing a "Deck garden" everything is in pots and topsy turvys. The toddler is already picking and eating the strawberries. He is irritated that there are only a couple of ripe ones each day.