Sunday, May 2, 2010

T.homas J.acob~
is thirTEEN!

We had a great day at the Pacific Science Center with the whole family! Grandma Michelle, G'ma & G'pa, and Auntie Chanelle came too!

Dinosaurs, Butterfly Houses, Bee colonies, Tot Play Area, Insect Villages, Body Works (yes, it is confirmed, brother Joe & TJ are color-blind, but of course we already knew that), and ran in a giant water wheel in the Water Works area... lucky for us, with a group our size, it is cheaper to get a yearly we will be back to observe the remaining exhibits... quite often, I am sure! ;^)

TJ is our middle child,
he is an older brother,
he is a younger brother;

he is a....


~I look forward to these teenage years.
To see the transformation from child to man is a remarkable thing to experience...
let the blessings begin!

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