Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our school year begins... '09-'10

Living life is our education;

The world is our play-ground;

God is our authority;
Dad is the principal;

Grandma is the recess aid;

Auntie Chanelle is our school counselor;

I am the teacher;

Nick is a junior;

TJ is in 7th grade;

Katie is entering 2nd grade;

Andrew is our pre-k student;

and Bryson loves TOT school.

May God bless, guide, and protect our up-coming school year, and all the events that we may participate in... in Him we give thanks!


Asia said...

I love your blog and your family is beautiful

Hollinger Family said...

Thanks Asia,
Our family is blessed only by the grace of God. Thanks for your kind comment.
In Him, Sheri