Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Ramblings...

Bryson is a big boy now. No more diapers! This would be the first time in 22 yrs without diapers being in our daily routine... seems as if we would get one young child out of diapers, another child would be on its way... well, not any more.
*sigh* Yes, we are done. I love those baby days! but I also love those preschool years, middle years, teen years, and yes, those adult years... all the different seasons of parenting are a gift in themselves... I love being a mom!

"The Move" saga continues....
for my newer readers, our family was from small town nowhere, and due to a company expansion, moved into big city somewhere. This journey began almost 2 years ago. Our "house belongings" are still in storage. We have lived alongside my dear m.i.l. & s.i.l (*wave* to Michele & Chanelle) for a season, and are currently living at my parents. They love us here, we love reconnecting a closer relationship with our kids & grandparents.

Fred will be wrapping up the BIG job up here, and it looks as if sometime this summer we will be moving back down towards Oregon. I want to move back to small town nowhere (in Oregon), but Fred wants to stay in Washington. He is not fond of the State income tax of Oregon, can't say I blame him.

I am not fond of the labels/requirements of homeschooling laws in Washington, and I want to be left to my own accountability in Oregon. (*note: we already over exceed what Washington tells us we "have to do", I just don't like being told to do it. petty? yes! but I also don't like to be told to tip a waitress; I am already a great tipper... add the $ amount to our bill, and that is all they get, rather than my usual appreciation. - it's just me, I am a brat that way).

Anyways, back on topic... the MOVE... so it looks like in the summer future we will be finaling having our own house again. We are hoping Fred's mom will come join us when we move, but we also don't know the details of that commitment.

The move...
Don't know when, exactly;
don't know where, exactly;
just know changes are coming...
Ha, how's that for an update?

Joe, our oldest son, has been stayin up here with us for the past month. He works for/with his dad at the Company. Joe has his own place down in the vancouver area, so it is nice to see him for a bit.

Nick just finished up his soccer season. He had fun playing at a higher level. Now we are focusing towards his graduation this May. Oh my, the years do fly! He is still pondering the "what to do after highschool" options...

TJ has been pretty laid back through this transition journey. I think once we move he has some interests he would like to check into... more fishing, a gun/archery club, soccer possibly... he will be entering his highschool years this fall, which I feel is a perfect time to look into a variety of interests. I really enjoy homeschooling those last years!

Katie-girl is preparing for a dance recital for this June. She was advanced up 2 classes this year, and will have 2 parts in the recital. She is pretty excited- Sleeping Beauty is the theme. Katie has been about math lately, as in quite reluctant to get it done; I find it humorous cuz she is good at arithmetic,

Andrew is finally falling into a good school routine. I will probably continue his schooling through the summer. It will be more hands-on, montessori led activities as I want his curiosity to be stimulated... I will share more of my ideas on that later....

Bryson is, well, Bryson... rambuntious, active, fly-off-the-seat-of-his-pants excitement! No dull moments with this child around. Spring will be a very good thing for this wild-child. =)

Our School week:

We have fabulous friends coming to visit with us Tues-Thurs, so schooling this week will be low key. I think I will officially call it a mid-winter break. Nick injured his *right* hand during the soccer tournament this week-end, thus minimal 'writing' is probably necessary. I will assign a fun read for each one of them, continue our nightly read aloud on George Washington, and make our week full of some "rocketing" experience! lol, just got a book on Rockets; who knew so much fun could be found in science, technology, engineering and mathmatics? too much fun to call it school, right? ;^) We will just label it "something to do"!


Carol Lindsay said...

good for Bryson. We aren't making great progress with the potty training. Oh well. He will decide he wants to eventually

Normal Days said...

Loved your update...witty, funny, and real...that's why I love ya so much, my friend! I must say that I am exceedingly jealous of the "no more diapers" accomplishment...I do believe that after 16 years of buying them that I do own stock in them somewhere. Praying that the transition for you all (whenever it happens, however it happens, wherever it happens) will be smooth, stress-free, and grace-filled!