Sunday, February 27, 2011

l.i.f.e. ACADEMY

Weather Study in One Hour?

We made bird feeders by smearing peanut butter on a pinecone, then rolled it in bird seed. Katie was hanging Andrews' pinecone when it began to snow...

15 minutes later, Nick fills the birdhouse with bird seed... usually the friendly backyard squirrel eats most of the seeds. =)
An additional 15 min. later, the ground is lightly dusted with snow...

Yes, add 15 more minutes and the sun was brightly shining...

We have been waiting patiently on weather predicaments for our meteorology study... let's just say we have not had many hand-on lab work. clouds, wind, rain, snow... time to move on...


Rocketry... this month shall be full of explosive fun! woot! woot!
We needed some pep to our motivation; this shall be the right antedote. =)

Bible- The book of Luke... we are reading, praying, and preparing for Lent.

History- The Constitution... ok, we got sidetracked with some American Revolution, specifically some of the many battles of the day... so we have not got past the Preamble of the Constitution. *sigh* My schedule may be off course a bit, but we are always learning. Onward to Article I, II, III, IV.

Economics- (Nick)- He has read his required reading assignments, so current events is a weekly assignment. I must say, with all the hub-bub in Wisconsin, it gave us a great discussion on economics. (I can be opinionated on policitical rhetoric, so we just won't go there, eh?)

Literature- same as last month, because we are *still* waiting for availability at the library!
Nick- Johnny Tremain
TJ- Valley Forge
Katie- Winter of the Red Snow (Dear America series).

English- punctuation study - end marks, quotations, colons, semi-colons, apostrophe, commas, hyphen, & underlining.

Fine Arts-
composer- Antonin Dvorak
w/ Slovonic Dance no. 7
artist- Claude Monet
w/ Tulips Fields with Rijnsburg Windmill
poet- Sylvia Plath
w/ Tulips- interesting enough, although about tulips, is more about her hospital stay after having her appendix out- a fun fact for us since our 2 oldest boys have had theirs out. =) (gotta keep those boys interested ya know? ;^)

French- we are incorporating daily usage into our days, even the littles are catching on.
Our formal studies will include things we have, things we do, and a fluent discussion on money.

Kindergarten- Andrews basic 3 R's lesson plan is working out well. I have discovered that since this approach is direct and to the point, he is more willing to add some fun. I am laying out learning trays (Montessori style) on fridays. Andrew does them, Bryson loves it too!

TOT school- letter study of the week for Nn, Oo, Pp, & Qq. Will post last month activities in a later post...

On a side note... is anyone else ready for spring?

color, sun, fresh air = a bright new outlook don't ya think??


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

We, too, REALLY wish we knew what God wanted us to DO ... where He wants us to LIVE ... how he wants us to pay our BILLS.

But ... this little puzzle piece has at least gotten us a bit distracted for a week. However, it also has now put a lot more pressure on Papa to figure out what exactly he is supposed to be doing. He's really been struggling today with all of the unanswered questions. We'd appreciate prayers.

Hope your week is BLESSED!


Nicole said...

THANK YOU for you comment today. We got over our mood without much collateral damage and finished our day positively!

Deaconess Children's Services said...

I like the idea of a discussion on money in french: l'argent. :-)

Daune said...

You so inspire me! Wish we were nearby and could have coffee...oh to be so organized...keep writing, plz!!!