Thursday, November 20, 2008

battle of the sexes? not

Living with a houseful of gentlemen, I am in constant reminder that 'boys will be boys' and guys are just that...guys. Practical, factual, and easily humored by bodily noises ;^D
Then, to the mix is added our princess; smart and practical, all the while glazed with expectations and emotions...and to my awe, not afraid to express them.
Myself? compassionate and caring, yet raised to conceal inner thoughts and feelings.
Thus our home is not full of much foo foo or fluff. As a stay-at-home mom of many, with many tasks at hand, along with a few off kilter weeks (root canals, colds, demanding work schedules, ending soccer season, teething, potty training, family van in shop for 5 weeks, financial setbacks, and an overlooked anniversary) I am at a realization of how much my feminimity is overlooked. Frumpy housewife/stressed mom is not my idea of defining who I am, nor the legacy of remembrance I want to leave behind!
So...just as I have embraced raising boys to be strong, fun loving, competitive beings with integrity filled leadership qualities, to walk the walk as much as talking the talk of our Christian values, with a stressed point of defining who they are in Christ Jesus...I am in the need of a quiet moment with God to reflect upon who I am, what God expects from me, and a renewed spirit of service to my family, our community, and most importantly to my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, whom I owe my blessed life to.
All that, lol, to say I am taking a overnite retreat with my God this week-end, so keep me in your prayers when you may have a chance. Love ya all!

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