Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Day in the Life of...

soon I will share my thoughts and practicalities on why we homeschool, but for today, I am sharing a simple moment in time...

Today is no school for our public school friends, which does not always mean we have it 'off'. As I see it, life's journey itself seems to always have a lesson on hand.

Our plans for today:
9:00 a.m. Friends & Family Craft time~ I have tons of huge pinecones that need some attention, so we will be making turkeys and bird feeders with them, along with probably a story and simple puppets for my younger ones.
10:00 Ladies Prayer~ a time to regroup and refocus my thoughts to the Lord.
12:00 Lunch w/ my Angie & our kids.
1:ish "Get 'er dun" time~ Christmas cards are on the agenda today...I do not feel very creative today, so we will see how this goes, lol.
4:00 Our 'power hour' cleaning in which the kids will help tidy the house before Daddy gets home so he can just relax. (aka...the mice have been at play all day while the cat was away, now he will also get to play.)
Evening Hour: dinner together, sharing our day, and I have a feeling that "Blind man's Search" (hide-n-go seek in the dark) may be on the agenda tonight...

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