Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is more than giving thanks... may we also reflect how the blessings that we have affect us internally.

I am surrounded constantly with things that I am thankful for ~ humbly I admit I don't always show my appreciation as I should... thus....

Bryson ~ Thank you for those 'eat your face up' kisses you so eagerly is a lesson in gentleness.

Andrew ~ Thank you for your imagination... it is a lesson in creativity.

Katie ~ Thank you for your curious spirit to learn... it is a lesson on patience.

TJ ~ Thank you for your insightful conversations... it is a lesson in communication.

Nick ~ Thank you for your calm strength ... it is a lesson of mercy.

Joe ~ Thank you for letting me matter in your life... it is a lesson in compassion.

Fred ~ Thank you for all you do to serve our family; the work, the play, the patience displayed... it is a lesson of gratitude and integrity.

To my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ ~ whom died so that I may truly live ~ the ultimate lesson in love... THANK YOU!

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