Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Friends

I am using Fridays as a time to think fondly of friends in our lives....

First on stage...MY ANGIE
Much like a rose... strong, durable, lasting, yet beautiful, soft, inspiring.
She is my mentor, my sounding board, my encourager, my saving grace to sanity...never judges, but gently guides; always graceful in difficult situations; a rock to righteous things; witty and humorous when she so chooses;

We blended lives almost 5 yrs ago as neighbors, our young daughters connected wonderfully, and we shared our pregnancy news with one our "babies" are turning 4! (My Andrew and her A.J. will be a fun profile at another time).

We've giggled, we've cried,
we've rolled our eyes;
softly whispered, spoken up,
followed thru to see what's up;
a gentle smile, a soft grin,
a look that makes me search within;
fun outings, simple days,
true friendship is always displayed.

Thank you Angie~ I am blessed to call you friend!


lathropzoo said...

Thank you Angie for being such a good friend to my sister. I appreciate knowing there is someone close for her to share with. :-)

Angie said...

Just so you know I love you too!!