Monday, August 24, 2009

Following the narrow path...of blogging.

As it is getting towards the end of summer 'round here, life seems to get busier...
Labor Day plans, school starting up, sports beginning again...
Another notable observation is fellow "bloggers" that are re-evaluating their purpose. A great post about that very thing is
Tammy. This got me thinking about why I blog. Frankly, I have no interest in being a "successful" blogger in the terms of followers, blog rolls, awards...naive of me that I even know what those are.
"Come follow me" that you may know Him. The path that we follow is narrow... but our joy is abundant!!
Reasons I ever started to blog, and continue to do so:
#1) as a personal journal. To share tidbits of life, difficulties and blessings alike. A place to reflect back on photos and feelings. I am a busy mom, guilt ridden by the lack of organizing any family photos... this blog is our family album.
#2) a place where friends and family can drop by to see how we are doing. I post when something stirs my heart, so the frequency of posts are random.
#3) a tool of encouragement. Life is hard, but God is faithful! We live by the "this too shall pass" during times of trials. We are always looking for the blessings that surround us on a daily basis, even if it is just a whisper of the moment!

This is also how I choose what blogs to read. I enjoy my minimal time to read, I enjoy a good feed of encouragement, I enjoy friends who are willing to share their journey also; these are the blogs that let me do just those things:
Tonia (the writer/poet)
Tammy (the "I can totally relate to" person)
Elaine (a lovely southern gal)
Dorothy (an urban blessing)
Katherine (a military witness)**blessings to you, your kids, and your husband!
These are ladies with different cultures, backgrounds, and interests, but ALL are of encouragement to me. They are real and down-to-earth, and it has been a blessing to meet them!

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