Sunday, August 9, 2009

"The Move" part 2

Exploring the woods...

See... we can play hide-n-go seek anywhere.
What I want to know is how Dad talked Andrew into sharing his "S" hat??

Reptile Zoo...
(share more later)...

Yes, that would be our TJ with both a soccer ball AND a football during a family hike...

Grandma Hollinger... How lovely it is to see her more!


Our hometown is a pleasant place to raise a family. Most areas of interest are within walking distance. Traffic is minimal, parking lot spaces always available, and there is ALWAYS someone to say "hello" to at the store. Crime, although there, is not dominant. It is easy to get to know your neighbors, and I am pleased to get positive reports when they say "oh, I saw your son at the...." I love the people in our little town!

Big move means bigger changes for our children:
~More gang behavior observed.
~a bigger awareness of the homeless
~observations of drugs
~exposed to what a 'workin' girl' behaves like
~the amount of 'adult' stores available
~we discuss how sin brings about more sin when describing casinos, which seem to be everywhere. Gambling brings about drinking that brings about sexual immorality... and so on...
Big city offers bigger opportunities...
the up side to our move is there is more to do, thus the lack of complaints about our new transition.
~Within city limits we have a huge library, ice rink, parks, beaches, petting zoo, childrens museum, indoor soccer; just to name a few of our interests.
~Near by, we have access to endless interests in the Seattle area. Our favorites would include the Seahawks, the Sounders, the Mariners, the Washington Park Zoo, the Science Museum, Children's museum, Space Needle, Farmers Markets, Train rides, and an occasional Ferry ride.

My conclusion is that home is where our family is... and we look forward to meeting some nice people in our big city!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping feels so good to be blogging again. You guys are awesome to be so content. I hope our children continue to be so easy with our constant moving. I think it's neat you all can live with grandma...none of ours would ever want to:(

Have fun with back to school!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri,

It was nice to have you stop by my blog recently. I thought I'd stop by and visit! I'll come back to spend a little more time as it's breakfast time and I haven't really started breakfast. Oops!

I went from big city to a county, there are definitely blessings to each side of the coin. :0) I hope all goes well for you in your move and as you adjust to the different area. :0)

Blessings to you and yours!