Monday, August 31, 2009

Our School Year '09-'10~Curriculum

Did you know school can be as fun as skipping rocks??

Ah, yes, just count it as physical education, social-science, physics, and nature study all wrapped into one fun afternoon together!


Mystery of History~Creation to Resurrection
Covers a variety of subjects including, but not limited to...
ancient history, geography, map & graphing skills, creative arts, fine arts, and Biblical history.

Drawn Into the Heart of Reading~
(a multi-level reading program)
Genre studies, Godly Character traits, vocabulary strategies, scripture memorization, emphasizes story elements, and encourages literature discussions.

Nick...algebra (continuing previous years program to boost understanding)
TJ... fractions/percents/decimals
Katie... focus is on addition/subtraction w/ fun side lessons for times tables.

Language Arts~
Easy Grammar/Daily grams~TJ, review for Nick
WordSmart~vocabulary builder for Nick, SAT friendly
McGraw Hill~spelling, grammar, reading workbooks for Katie

CompleteWritingProgram ~
an easy multi-level writing program; creative, yet simple.

nature study by way of explorative field trips (from beaches to mountains to forests to backyard adventures!)
Painless Life Science (book)
...continued study of periodic table, one element researched per week.
1 simple science experiments per week.

Physical Education~
soccer (need I say more?)
daily treadmill and basic military workout encouraged.

Nick- sketching/drawing
TJ- whittling
Katie- embroidery


ABC Jesus Loves Me (*note: logo on left)

notimeforflashcards (for quick, fun projects)
childcareland (simple art projects)
starfall (interactive, also has great print out worksheets) also has great alphabet activities!
(THESE SITES ARE ALL FREE... how could you NOT do preschool?)

**admittedly I have endless resources I could share related to early childhood education. I spent many of our previous homeschool years also running a daycare/preschool. Now my own Littles are reaping the benefits ;^)

For an idea of how we homeschool, feel free to read here.

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