Saturday, August 8, 2009

"The Move" part 1

These are the things we do while adjusting to a new life...

Dad has been working grayeyard shift all summer.... and well, the kids still want to play .... so there you have it! ;^)

It is a house....
It has been my dear m.i.l. house and home for the past 12 years.
These unstable economic times have left 'mom' without a job. She was an escrow officer for 30 plus years. Obviously, the crashing housing market makes her face new possibilities, to look past what she knows best, and explore new ideas.
My dear s.i.l. (Chanelle) has now just purchased this house; it too is also her home. Back from a decade long hiatus in Ireland; with endless travels, hikes, and site-seeing around many parts of the world! It is a newer experience for her to be tied down to one spot ;^D My hopes is that she may still embrace the freedom to face more new horizons (like who could stop her), while enjoying the stability of family connections.
As for "us", we are blessed that my husband's company has the workload to expand to the Seattle region. We are blessed to assist in finances during this transition.
The house is small. A quaint 3 bedroom rambler, 2 bath, single garage, w/ a petite fenced side yard. Transition of the move has not been easy, but surprisingly, it is not due to the size of the home.
*'Mom' still gets her master bedroom, bath, and 2 closets; we are hoping that she will use that as her escape oasis when she needs it.
*Chanelle (bless her heart) has no room... yep, owner of the house, but no bedroom lol. She sleeps on the couch, although many of my children would trade her spots if they could. Her clothes and belongings reside in "the room" that Fred and I sleep in (I think we went from king sz bed to double??), along w/ Andrew and Baby bryson in comfy make-shift beds on our floor. Honestly, they have always ended up in our bed anyways, so this is nothing new for us.
*The 3rd room has the bunk bed w/ a trundle tucked under it for Nick, TJ, and Katie to sleep in. The closet is not available for use, but they have plenty of room for our computer (yay), a few toys, and a game system... they are content enough with that.
Space is not much of an issue for us as a family. Sure, it is more fun to play hide-n-go seek in a bigger home, but even in our old much bigger house, we tended to congregate together in one room. We like each other, lol, and I suppose that is a good thing.

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