Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here We Go Again...


This past year has been full of changes that seems to be on a continuous path...
as I embrace the moments, it is becoming clear to me, that this is about the journey, not the destination.

The home we are housing in, is currently up for sale
. We moved up in this area last June due to a company expansion at my husbands work. It seemed to be a fantastic timing, as my lovely s.i.l. Chanelle had recently purchased her mom's home (this would be my dear m.i.l.) The transition of ownership was needed due to an extensive unemployment... in easy terms...we didn't want mom to lose her home. The challenge is that it is too costly for one income (Chanelle), thus it has worked well for us to move in and help share the financial load. The difficulty, long term, comes in the size of the home. 3 bedrooms for 9 of us is a snug fit, especially when there is a varied expectation on the"children". Respectfully, it is still mom's "home". With this, comes a regard for Grandma's rules intermixed w/ our own standards of parenting. The children have adjusted amazingly, imho. None-the-less, the multiple showings of the house is putting a strain on me (how's that for selfish? ;^), as we can have an hour notice to tidy up, put school away, shove the littles make shift beds into the garage, get jackets and shoes on, shine up the place, get the dog, and load up in the van... then not really go anywhere? it's winter... where does one go w/ 5 kids and a dog for unspecified times?? It is usually a two hour outing...sometimes followed by another one, and another one... This does not fit well into our homeschooling agenda..."Have school, will travel" is a motto that has not been very effective.
All this to say we are headed to my parents home in 2 weeks. Again, it is a 3 bedroom home, so it will be snug. For those who may be questioning why we aren't getting our own place, again, it would be because we will still be contributing financially to help ends meet for Chanelle (thus also helping mom).

This move will be a blessing for our children. My mom does not expect the house to be company ready at all times, thus I can just breathe, and the kids can, well, be kids! My mom's rules are a bit more laid back than Grandma M. (note: there is not a wrong way to be grandmas, just different ways). The kids will be able to swing their feet in dining chairs, the littles will be able to stand/climb on the couches, our classroom will be able to actually be in the house fully adorned w/ maps, a huge whiteboard, children's art, and desks. My parents are willing to give up their dining room space in lieu of our children's education. Easy accessability to their books and school supplies will be helpful and refreshing to stay on task.

The Future? We do not know how long it will take for the house to sell. Thus we do not know what the future entails...only that we will re-evaluate our situation in 3 months. How's that for a plan?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding,
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5&6


Tammy said...

Sounds to me like you're the one whose grace-filled, my friend! You've definitely got the right perspective on this one. I'm praying for you and yours, Sheri! His grace is sufficient, isn't it?

Heaven Scent Farms said...

You don't have a selfish bone in your little body. Every time has a season. You are riding the wave beautifully! You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

There is a saying, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans :)"


Be well and happy, I do pray for your sanity though...I know what it's like to live with "family"



Laurel said...

We have been in a transition this year, as well.

My husband moved to "the island" in September, when he transitioned from being a teacher for 21 years, to a full-time pastor.

We put our house on the market ... and I took 7 of my kids on a month long road trip to 12 states (driving 7,373 miles without a 2nd driver).

Nov. 1st we moved "temporarily" into a borrowed home on the island "until our house sells".

House hasn't sold. Owners of borrowed home are coming back in April. Kids are wondering if mom is going to take them on another cross country road trip.

So ... husband my stay on the island while the kids and I move back into our van and camping trailer ... on the road again. Yikes!

Can't wait until we are settled. Then ... we can have new bloggy friends come visit on our little island.

Welcome to Washington. It really is a GREAT state to homeschool in .... and there are fun island to explore.

mama of a dozen plus :)