Friday, February 19, 2010


I am wanting to take our 2-week Spring Break early. Maybe it's the sunshine tempting me? On the more realistic side, it is the perfectionist in me that is leaning towards time off. With our transitioning move, I want to get the school books in order, arrange our new classroom, and adjust our daily schedule.

I loved Oregon, cuz you could be more flexible w/ your school schedule. Life was always about learning, but it was fun to think outside the box... as in beyond 4 walls.

Here in Washington, they hold you to 11 specific subjects, hours per day, weeks per year, etc...

Folks that don't homeschool seem to think strict rules will hold parents "accountable", and that should be a good thing? For us? I find it a bit of a hinderance, but ofcourse, we have adjusted as needed. You see, to take spring break early would throw off our "record books" on our length of each quarter. Although, if I were to add in all the hours that we "school" (aka learn) during the evenings and weekends, I suppose the hours would be quite sufficient.

After a bit of pondering,
I've come to the conclusion,
that I will do what the public schools do...
take a few days off as "in-service days"...
funny thing is...
my kids will continue to show up for class. ;^)


carol said...

I went to the children's museum on friday with Sean and my neice and her two year old and a TON of people came in with kids in red smocks. They were such diverse ages and diverse looking I had to ask "where are you from?" They were all from a program called K12 online, a homeschooling program. I thought it was cool that they went out as a group. They had some special stuff planned on the second floor of the museum because they seperated them.
Yes, my blog has a new name. Nice of you to notice.
Teachers work days they call them in Utah

Laurel said...

Who told you that WA State has those rules???

Yikes! I have homeschooled in WA for the past 20 years, and have another 10 to go.

No. No. Homeschooling can be very flexible and fun in Washington. We need to talk!!!

mama of a dozen plus :)