Thursday, February 25, 2010


and enjoying the calm of our days.

Ofcourse some days are more chaotic than others...
that is the beauty
of having many children,
of homeschooling,
of staying home,
of being a mom...

So as I sit here relaxing during a quiet moment in the middle of the night, I can't help but smile at our day that has passed.

School went smoothly with Olympic Studies, French review, read aloud time at the top of our agenda. We also began a new seedling project as helpful Bryson dumped our last ones out. "Baby brother ate our homework" comes to mind. =)

Katie-girl began a new Health Study book yesterday...and finished today! I think it was meant to last a semester??

Andrew is big into "reading" books to us. He is quite the story teller.

Bryson is, oh so active! He tore up his foot on a metal wire a few days ago, but the way he runs wild, one would never guess so. He currently loves Grams sticks (from the window) as weapons. Personally, I think he has been hanging out too much w/ his older brothers whom been watching Ancient Weapon Technology shows lately. nice, huh?

The day only gets better, as my husband comes home and makes his famous yummy hamburgers!...and a batch of brownies! Yes, I am spoiled...and oh so grateful!!


Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you commented on my site and left your link so that I can come "visit" with you. I need other moms of olders (and yet still be able to laugh, find comfort?!, and worry about another small getter-into-er like my own) who have been there. I'm glad to find you! (or that you found me, rather!)

My princess breezes through books as well (and she's only 4!)

And weapons! We have lots of those too!

Thank you SO very much!

Catherine Anne said...

I love large hs familys. What a blessing!