Sunday, February 28, 2010


strip malls, shopping malls, super malls...

...a consumer necessity of worldly purchasing. Ouch! Did I say that? I like to shop, I like nice things, I like finding what I am looking for... I do not like malls. There, I said it.

I avoid malls for a few reasons:

1) too many people. I find them busy, chaotic, & crowded (in general)
2) too materialistic. I find them to have the influence to crave unnecesary items.
3) too spendy. I find it a waste of quality time as a cost to our family.
4) too influential. I find the latest need to "party like a rockstar" to have an ill impression as it hits even the youngest of our communities.

Time, Talent, & Treasures~
a motto we try to instill in our children by holding ourselves accountable for what we do with our time, our talents, & our treasures.

The children know how hard their dad works everyday; all in the selfless glory of providing for our family. It is my job to spend the money earned in a wise manner. Admittedly, I am not always successful at this. Yet, I do know that staying away from malls helps us avoid the "I wants" of frivolous spending. Now, if I could only withstand the challenge of fasting fast food, we could save a whole lot more money! Please feel free to share what you do to make a positive difference in your budget.


Brenda said...

I so agree. Now if I can stay away from Walmart and Hobby Lobby, it would all be good!!! :)

And I must say, wanting no more stuff in the house is a good motivation to say NO.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We moved to an island that doesn't have a mall ... a wal-mart ... or any fastfood restaurants. So, we're saving some money.

:) :) :)