Thursday, June 17, 2010

Having fun with the our 'oldest' son...

Joe is soon headed back down to our hometown.
The job is shuffling around, Joe is needed down south;
but we are here to stay, up in our new area of the woods.

*pictured: Yes, he really is sleeping, but my husband has a sense of humor when he sees fit to. ;^)

Summer is still NOT here... one warm day, lots of rain, and some snow/sleet/hail stuff. Yeah, so we just keep waiting for those popsicle-dripping, sprinkler-jumping, game-playing days of real summer!

Good news of the week:
I am so thrilled. Our Andrew willingly began his school work this week! I cannot call it "school" or "school work", it agitates him. So, we just do his 'lesson'. =) Andrew works on his own schedule, by his own mood, at his own will... I am slowly trying to guide that into a consistant structure before our real school year begins in Aug. I am observing the rhythm of his days; his current lessons are during Bryson's nap. I have discovered that he does listen in on our nightly read alouds too.

This week:
The boys (Nick & TJ) have had the opportunity to spend a few days doing yard labor for some kind folks down the way. Good ole manual labor is such a good thing for boys. I believe it builds character, strength, integrity, and determination. I find it amusing that Joe, being our oldest, is already pulling the "when I was your age..." to his siblings. Imagine the stories he will have by the time the littlest gets to working. =)

Week-end plans:
Nick has a college-showcase Soccer Tournament in Oregon this week-end. His dad and brother will be going. I will not ...
Katie-girl is having her 1st dance recital this week end also!! I hope to post pictures soon!

Future plans:
I also have been going over our school plans for next year. We are going with a new curriculum, and I am very excited to begin. I am currently working on a scope & sequence that I will share later (for those who homeschool too).

Until next time, be blessed my friends....

Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do; do it all for the glory of God
1 Corinthians 10:31