Friday, June 25, 2010

...The Move


The Keep On Keeping On...

It has been a year since we have moved from our small hometown in nowhere Oregon. I think I have been in denial about the move. Indeed hoping for temporary at best. God has moved us forward for a new season; He has His reasons.

I was actually excited about moving at first, until one realizes what is being left behind... security, community, familiarity, routines, and ofcourse, friends. Admittedly, the kids have adjusted better than I have.

Moving forward...

I adore being home with my kids.
I enjoy homeschooling.
I love family.

About me:

I am an happy-go-lucky-love-the-mornings-glass-half-full type of gal , and I am ready to get out and face the world. As a child I went to 18 schools before graduating; we moved houses more times than that. Making friends was easy, keeping them was not. I am a people person who never fit into any stereo type. Christ has always been my Savior, especially during many childhood traumas. Caring about others comes easy; letting others care about me is not so easy. I tend to over commit and try to over achieve; only in recent years have I learned to slow down and enjoy the small, simple moments that whisper by almost without notice.

My challenge:

~In a small community it is very easy to get connected to other folks. Your church, school (home & public), sports, outings & activities all tend to blend around the same people.

~Now that we are in the city, how does one approach creating a connection with other people? A place where neighbors don't take time to get to know you, where the church you choose to attend is many miles away, where schools are many, parks are a dime a dozen on any corner, homeschooling is not common, and having many children of a wide variety of ages makes you not fit into any social mold?

Live in a big city? A busy community? What do you do to get connected to others, or do you?


It has been wonderful to live with my parents. To share my children with my mom is beautiful. She was a very hard working single mom who did not have the opportunity to be home with me much when I was a little girl; she did not love me any less than I absolutely love my kids. In this new season, My Mom gets to enjoy alongside of me the journey of hands-on, Christ-led, guided nurturing that I find to be an amazing blessing! God is good, all of the time.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We've been living in a year of transitions, as well. It's been a very lonely year for us, too.

Praying that the Lord leads both of our families to a community of like-minded friends, in this next year.

Laurel :)