Thursday, June 3, 2010 Miss Cashier at the local market figures out I have 6 children...


*grin* "uh, no, we homeschool, so I have them home all year! How lucky is that?"

"I don't know how you do it!"

"it's easy, we happen to like each other".

am I strange for liking my kids?
For enjoying their presence?
For wanting to raise them, guide them, nurture them, educate them the way I feel is best?

My husband & I are getting away for an overnighter this week-end. Notice that I didn't say 'a much needed get-away'. We could list on one hand the times we have been away from our kids in the past 20 years. Admittedly, it is nice to get sleep for one night, but we don't desire to vacation away from our kids. Why do we have 6 kids? Because we haven't chosen to have 7. That said, we are very well aware how fast these years will go by, and family time is very precious to us.

The rest of our summer activities will be family focused because we are who we are because of our family.

A new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another:
just as I have loved you;
you also are to love one another.
By this, all people will know that you are my disciples,
if you have love for one another. John 13:34 & 35


Suzanne said...

I LOVE this! You have great responses - I may "borrow" some of them!!

5 Boys and a Princess said...


We have more in common- we also live in Washington, we are a multi-generational household as we live in my parents home (but we added on and have plenty of our own space), we have an adult son and littles.


PS My kids are reading through the Bible in a year to get to go to Wild Waves next summer, it's going great so far but we're only on day 3 :)

carol said...

I hear you. When I'm away from my kids for any extended period I get anxiety. The younger they are the more anxiety I get. I like to take the baby to the grocery store and to run errands etc.

Anonymous said...

Such a great post Sheri. I'm sure you left quite the impression on Miss Cashier. I wish my answers to all the questions were so good.

Have a great night away with your hubby. And enjoy the rest of your summer with your Family.

There are more of us "moms who like to be with our kids" out there than you think, right Suzanne?

P.S. Stanley sounds great. What to do now...or shall we wait until after the weekend?

Heaven Scent Farms said...

You rock! It makes me crazy when people act like they can't stand to be around their own children! My Mother included! I can't imagine being away from my kids. They are so special and so much fun. Have a great weekend and keep smilin.

12-arrows said...

I LOVE your post! I've heard many of the same comments over the years! We too homeschooled for a very long time, and are going to be doing so again this fall. Nervous and excited!