Sunday, June 27, 2010

SCHOOL YEAR 1010-11 will begin in 5 weeks. =)

Summer is a season in which I begin to plan our year. I have tried many styles & curriculum over the years. You can read more HERE if interested. This year we will begin a new journey.


It is so simple, yet so effective (I am told ;^), that it is almost hard to explain. The concept is so basic. I consider it the very foundation that "education" was intended to be.

What it is:

A complete set of DVD's that contain a seemingly endless supply of books! Lots of them! It begins with Level 1 thru Level 12. They are not to be considered as grade levels as to not hold back (or push) a child, but to let the student progress naturally to self educating.

"From Phonics to Physics, these 22 CD's and a set of Saxon Math Books is all that you need to give your children a superior education."

Who it is:

A couple who both happened to be scientists, aware of the flaws of our public school system, began to seek out how to best educate their own children as to give them more than a fighting chance.

How it is:

The Basic Rules and Procedures are :

1) no sugar
2) no TV
3) 2 hours of math
4) 2 hours of reading

5) 1 hour of writing

Yes, apparently that simple! Ofcourse, this is what Dr. Robinson can claim as success, cuz this is what has effectively worked for all his children!

The cost:

$195 for all 22 CD's.
$275 includes 22 CD's plus G. A. Henty CD's .
We purchased the latter. =)

As for us:

I purchased this curriculum at the first of the year, and have been slowing setting the kids up for this self-taught style. We have reduced our sugar intake, and are limiting TV as we see fit.
I have created a schedule that I think will serve our family best, along w/ a scope & sequence of the curriculum. The "RC way" is exactly as described in steps 1-5 listed above. I, however, live in a state that demands 11 specific topics are to be taught in order to "home educate". My need to adjust the books into subjects and years gives me peace of mind over our government.

Up to this point:

I did purchase a new printer. I did have a fear of "printing" books, binding books, etc... I am not very gifted at this sort of thing. I love it! It is so amazingly easy. The books are of such old-fashioned character and of amazing quality of content. Where good ole Family Values are encouraged.

My next post will contain our intended schedule, and why, along with the scope & sequence with tidbits of details. I had several folks ask about this, so please feel free to ask questions here or to e-mail me at


Chris said...

You'll *love* RC if you can trust the process. :o) Happy homeschooling!

homeschooling almost 11 yrs, modified RC nearly 10 yrs

carol said...

NO SUGAR! now that's pushing it! Isn't that the base of the food pyramid? My 3 year old neice just go diagnosed with diabetes and everytime I give the baby a cookie or a fruit snack. I think about how many carbs it has and how much insulin it would take to utilize the sugar.
In my state there is an organization for homeschoolers and they meet and have activities. Are you part of that organization in your state? I think I am going to put the baby in a Montesori preschool down the street for a couple of mornings a week when he turns 3. He is such a smart little bug, he is like a sponge. Every minute he is learning something new.

Marla said...

I had heard about this.It sounds interesting!I might check it out.Thanks Marla

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I can hardly wait to hear how it goes for you. I looked at that curriculum for many years.

We started using Sonlight this year; and we LOVE it. It, too, it VERY literature based.

Laurel :)

Brenda said...

Well, we're just about off of sugar here and we haven't had tv since january. Although they do visit grandma and grandpa down the street a few times a week where they find cupcakes and cartoons.

I'm ok with it. It's so limited. I'm interested to see how your year goes!